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Tips on Getting the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

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It’s happening. Your friend shares the exciting news with you that they are expecting. And as you follow the amazing journey, you get the baby shower invites and absolutely have to find the perfect baby shower gift that is unique, thoughtful, useful and special for your best friend.

You might be wondering how you would achieve this and the difficulty, and so you are searching online to get unique baby shower gift ideas. Well, you are in the right place because we have you covered and will help you make great choices with the best baby shower gifts.

When shopping for baby shower gifts, there are several options on what you could buy. The gift could be for the baby or the expectant parent, e.g. homemade and handcrafted, to unique, rare gifts to practical and useful baby needs that would reduce the burden of purchasing them for the expectant parent. Depending on the kind of gift you have in mind generally, we have some really great ideas. Here is a collection of baby shower gifts that would tick all the right boxes for unique, useful, special and budget-friendly…

Gift Vouchers

This is a favourite for most people, both for givers and receivers. Giving an expectant mum gift vouchers from popular baby shops or supermarkets is always a good idea. They are practical, and the expectant mum can redeem them when she wants for something she really wants and needs. She is left with the option of browsing through and shopping for the most important things to her.


Gifts for Mum to be

You could make an extra effort to get something for the expectant mum too. Gifts such as essential oils, lotion, health and wellness books, healthy recipes, baby-friendly hair product, personalized journal, and a gift voucher for a spa day to relax etc.

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Clothing and Diapers

This is the best baby shower gift items that you can give. They are useful, practical and will serve a perfect purpose—clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. You could even include baby books, albums, shampoo, soap, lotion and other items that baby would need and use.

Diapers are one of the most practical items because babies use a lot of diapers daily, but make sure to select a good brand that is soft and delicate because babies have sensitive skin. Baby clothing is also one of the most popular baby shower gifts because they are also practical and useful. However, just like when picking a diaper, make sure to choose a good, soft and safe fabric that would be good for baby’s delicate skin.


Personalized gift items

You could personalize gifts as well. There are several shops both online and offline that offer personalized message like the baby’s name to be printed on clothing like baby blankets, hoodie towels etc. However, you might not know the baby’s name, and so you could personalize a message too.

Gift Baskets

This is one of my personal favourites. Gift baskets are really a great idea that you should consider. Gift baskets usually come with a variety of gift items such as diapers, pacifiers, toys, rattlers, shampoo, soap, bath towels, Sippy cups, detergent, lotion, etc. If you are stuck on what exactly to give, you can try a gift basket with its assorted offerings.

Babyshowerideas4u has some really great tips and ideas for unique baby shower gifts that include scrapbooks, diaper cakes, plans for the future which involves savings bond, savings account or certificate deposit for the baby, Creative Handmade and handcrafted Gifts, Gifts for expectant mum and dad.

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