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Tips on DIY Maternity Pictures

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Through taking our own maternity pictures, I have found tips along the way that helped us save money.

Professional maternity pictures can be expensive, but we do not all have a budget that allows us to have them. We should not have to miss out on them just because we are not able to afford it. You can have quality photos that will be amazing memories to look back on and still fit in your budget. The following lists some tips to take your own pictures to save money.


10 Tips for Taking Your Own Maternity Photos

  • Use Your Camera or Your Phone: A camera typically can take higher quality photos, so if you do have a camera, I would use that over a phone. However, some phones can take good pictures so if you don't have a professional camera, a phone will work great.
  • Enlist a Friend or Family Member: Ask a friend or family member to shoot the photos. This does not cost anything and makes it easier to take the pictures. (However, if you have a timer and a stand, you do not necessarily have to have someone help take them.) Having someone familiar take your photo can also make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I felt less awkward than having a stranger take my photo.
  • Plan Ahead for Your Outfit: The outfit you choose for the picture will depend on the season, location, and budget. You do not have to spend a lot on an outfit, or you can use one that you already own. I looked around for a good deal on a dress because I wanted one special for that day but did not want to spend a lot since I would probably only wear it once. I found one I really liked, and when it was on sale, I bought it. If you do not wait until the last minute, you can do the same.
  • Choose a Theme: If you choose a theme, it can help narrow your choices down for outfit, location, and props. For instance, if you have a Christmas theme, you could go to a snow-covered park or pose by a Christmas tree. You could wear a Christmas sweater or matching themed pajamas. Present bows or a strand of lights could be your props.
  • Keep Your Hair/Makeup Simple: You can save money by doing your own hair and makeup. If you are not very savvy at either of those, YouTube has a lot of tutorials to help you out. Pinterest also has some helpful tips. I would suggest trying to stay true to you. So if you normally do not wear a lot of makeup, I would try to keep your look natural. It will be easier, since that is what you are used to, and it will be less stressful than trying to figure out new techniques.
  • Find a Fun, Free Location: The location you choose does not have to cost anything. Plus, you can get creative with it depending on what season you have the photos done. If it is warm, you can go to your favorite park. Another idea is, if it is during fall, you can use your local pumpkin patch for a background. There are so many options; be creative. If you do choose an outdoor location, plan accordingly for the weather.
  • Plan Your Poses: Plan out your poses beforehand. This will help with a smoother photoshoot. Do not overthink it. If you are struggling with ideas, you can look up photos and poses on Pinterest. They have a ton of creative ideas.
  • Use Props You Already Have: You do not have to go out and buy props. Typically, you take the photos in your third trimester, and most people already have some baby stuff. You can use items that you already have around the house. Baby shoes and onesies with their name on it are some examples.
  • Do Your Photo Edits Online: If you think that your photos need some touching up, you can use free sites online. Most computers allow basic enhancements when you open up the photos—for instance, enhancing the brightness and cropping the photo.
  • Watch for Deals for Printing Photos: We already had photo paper lying around the house, so we printed them at home. However, if you do not have the paper, Shutterfly is usually running deals where you only have to pay for shipping, so you could wait for that. Another option is to print them off at your nearest drugstore. Walmart also has a photo center, and you can pick your favorite photos and have them delivered to your house for a reasonable price.

I hope these tips can help other expectant mothers take their own maternity pictures. When your baby is grown up and you look back on them, it should be a fond memory. Do not be stressed about the photos being perfect or not as professional as others.

I am glad to have had taken these photos ourselves. They may not look the most professional, but our close friends took our pictures, and that will always be a special memory we share.

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