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Tips for Teaching Your Children at Home

Faithbuilder23 has worked in the field of education for 16 years. She enjoys writing, reading, and nature. She is a wife and a mother.


Tips for Teaching Your Children at Home

Tip # 1- Always have a quiet space available for your children to complete their schoolwork.Tip # 2- Give your children breaks frequently throughout the day so they can absorb all the information.Tip # 3- Remain calm while working with your child. Children feed off the energy you are giving (positive or negative). Tip # 4- Give your child an hour to read. If they are younger, then read to them and ask questions about what they read (do this every day).Tip # 5- Post a schedule up for the children to see. Try to stick to a plan so children take the learning more seriously. Tip # 6- Lock up all cellular devices. If children have packets or a computer, then cell phones are not needed (believe me when you are not looking, they are on Snap Chat or TikToc). Also, get rid of video games until the weekend (they should be earned). Less screen time will help your children remain focused throughout the year. Tip # 7- During down time have your child complete puzzles, mazes, or word searches. Again, try to stay away from screen time during the week.

Tip # 8- Give your child a recess break. Go for a walk (mask on of course) or ride bikes for fun. Try to get at least an hour or more of cardio in each day. Tip # 9- Talk to your child about how they feel during this time period. Ask them some of their hopes and dreams for the future. Maybe create a dream or vision board together. Tip # 10- Pray with your child. This will help ease their fears and put them in a positive state of mind. Tip # 11 – Try to add a home course on your schedule. Teach your children how to cook, sew, or about the stock market (anything). Try to teach them something they do not learn at school. Tip #12- Check on your child’s skills that they should know by now. For example, have your child read to you. Are they understanding what they read? Can they read fluently? Ask them all their multiplication facts. Do they know their states and capitals? Do they know how to do long division? Please check on your child’s mastery of the core subjects to make sure the school is not just passing them through.

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