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Uncool Things That Teens Find Fascinating

I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety


It is strange to me how some teens find smoking and taking drugs as something cool. Some even come under the influence of other drug addicts and alcohol lovers and become one of the same kind.Our I said teenage years to be the foundation of our mindset, beliefs and overall personality. So it really matters how we spend our teen years. If you have decided to just turn some poorly mannered Celebs into your God, then I suggest you be an atheist. Not everything we see on the internet is true. Teenager minds are fragile and get influenced by any simple activity that surrounds them. It is important that kids are taught good manners and discipline while growing up, so that they end up as good human beings.

Cyber bullying

If you have come across an unknown suspicious text from a person on social media, there is a possibility that it was just some teenager playing a prank. Teenagers do weird stuff for seeking attention. And these wrong deeds become their source of entertainment. Also if you are a social media influencer as a teenager, other teens just see it as an opportunity to mock you.


Addiction to drugs

Youngsters in many parts of the world are indulged in the drugs trade. It is most likely because of their addiction or the need for immediate and huge amounts of money. Either way, it is totally wrong. It is not okay to encourage such activities. Like most teenagers are students, drugs affect memory and hence cause inefficient learning.

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Emotional Abuse

A group of schoolmates always bully the introverted and quiet kids in the school or any other educational institution. After all the reason is the same power, everyone wants to possess the power to be recognized and respected. And these teens think this vulgar abuse is that source of power. Trying to mentally weaken someone only to be labelled as an abuser is stupid. These kids also say things which they are sure of making damage to a weak kid's psychological health and well-being.


Bullying innocent individuals

By innocent, I mean those kids who try to be kind and nice to everyone and have a set of morals that they follow. These are mostly attacked by the senior students or classmates who do this due to their superiority complex. Such bullying has led some of these mentally and physically harmed individuals to take extreme steps such as suicide.


Thinking of roasters as god

To me roasting is not humorous, I see it as a profession that can hurt others. I think many youngsters are easily influenced by the roasters and try doing the same stuff in real life which may get them in trouble. I would request such youngsters to limit the type of content which can be harmful to your mental health and decide what is right and what is wrong.


Brutal inhumanity

A group of youngsters beat up a 15-year-old girl and stole her sneakers during a robbery in Brooklyn, the picture below shows a bunch of teens doing unwanted things that you must never do. Please be humane and believe and humanitarian values and try to be kind to the people that surround you.


Thank you

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