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Eight Things That Made Having A Newborn (Slightly) Easier

Natalie is a mum of one, bringing him up vegan and without society's gender boundaries.

Online Shopping Is Your New Best Friend

I have unashamedly written this list with Amazon in mind. The FIRST thing we bought when we got home from the hospital was an Amazon Prime subscription – and we’ve never looked back.

There will be times when you run out of something on a Saturday night, and you know all the shops are closed the next day. There will be times when your local supermarket has been out of stock for WEEKS. There will be times when it’s 3am, and you’re awake and bored after singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ for the 23rd time in a row. Who you gonna call? Amazon. Parenting is already hard, why suffer if you don’t have to?

Here are some things that I found to be indispensable. My best advice though is to ask around – show this list to friends and family with small children and ask what they would add or take away from it. Only then can you decide which gadgets you can’t live without, and which will just gather dust.


Easy Peasy Bottles

Portable Sleep Saviour

Say Hello To Your New Handbag

Roll N Go

Tummy Time

Wonder Wet Bags

Keeping Cool

Stacking Snacking

But You'll Still Buy More!

There are so, so many things you will end up buying for your new baby - I know I did! But now he's a toddler I can honestly say that we didn't use half of them. These are four products that we loved, and have either passed on or kept on the off chance that we decide to have another baby. And I certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy them all again.

I would also say, if you have access to a service like Amazon Prime, you really can wait to buy things until you need them - you don't need to have every single gadget ready and waiting before the baby comes. That way, you just might avoid having a pile of dust-gathering baby bits in every room in the house.

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