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The Psychological Health in Childhood Stage; Factors Furnishing Children With Psychological Health


There are many factors that furnish children with good health:

The Good Health

When it comes to good health, child enjoying good health is full of vigor and vitality, and these attributes enable him to exceed dilemmas and solve them easily. Shortage of vigor badly affects the child as he is not able to be get there in performing the required tasks.This wallows him in the cares of frustration, and sorrow streaming into his heart and makes him as sick as parrot. Sometimes,the simple troubles in his stage like (mal nutrition,losing of appetite,tooth decay) contribute to lack of capability to do anything. So curing these problems gain the child the sheer vitality making him enchanted and delighted about himself.


Love is the main psychological nourishment that the personality of the child germinates and breeds on it. In fact ,as our bodies feed on food to grow ,our souls also feed on acceptance and love to grow. Truth to say, Children in this stage need generously luminous love for the prosperity of the souls. When love circulates in the soul, the sentiments of confidence, safety, security, and approval germinate inside the soul and thus, the child starts to love himself enough. Also, when the soul feeds on pure love from the parents, the seeds of confidence overflow, sprout and breed in the soul until they reach to zenith and with this enough bounty of self-confidence ,the child will become a poised, quiet and confident person without any need of vainness used to compensate the shortage of self confidence. He also will have capacity of strength enabling him to encounter any ordeal or plight in life.
The second type of affection needed from the surroundings is the unconditional love from his colleagues, friends, teachers and relatives. If the child feels that his acceptance and the granted love from his teachers and friends is based on his behavior and performed acts, this will greatly affect him and all the negative feelings like fear, anguish and weakness spill out in his soul. The child also will be scared stiff and a lot of problems will generate until they evolve and accompany him through the stages of growth. Truth to say, that the unconditional love leads to the child's personality growth and create in the person the true desire to trial and venture in making everything in life without dread or taking into consideration the results or outcomes of failure. To sum up, love is very essential to children especially in the first ten years from his life. The parents should give generously love in this period.


The Mother's Relation With Her Child

The mother's love towards their children is the lifeblood in providing ecstasy, and the psychological health for them. This affection represents in many types. firstly, her kindness and tenderness towards their children which feed their primary needs. Secondly, charity in dealing with them when they mistaken .Thirdly modifying their behaviors gently through the studying of their attitudes and trying to monitor their manners. Fourthly, being a soothing refuge (balm hug) to the child when fear or anticipation captures his whiteheart. Fifthly, giving advice to them . All these matters are considered the main lifeblood in furnishing children with happiness and psychological health. The whole care and interest from the mother to their children provide them with the sentiments of security, safety and self confidence in their potentials and abilities.

The Father's Relation With His Child

The relation of father is not limited to the perspectives of supporting him with money, providing him with his material needs and being a disciplinarian imposing authority on him. It is based on many tasks. The first task is (embracement) giving approval and tenderness, security and safety to his child. The father and the mother should complete each other to complete any aspects of insufficiency in his character.The second task is devoting sufficient time to his child to talk, discussion, venting all his suppression and sharing in playing with him. Listening and being all ears to the child is essential in improving his psychological health and granting him with comfort and serenity. The third task is (protection). The father is known as the source of power and protection of the family from any dangers.The father should also perform this act through informing them that he will always assist and support them and not let any harm or violence to catch them. He also should urges them to inform him with all their worries and cares.

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The Sound Family Relationships

The placid family atmosphere which is free from all forms of rift, ferocity ,full with understanding , love and cooperation among the members of the family grants the child with security and safety. It also protects him from uneasy and anticipation. Also, the relationship between the spouse should be characterized by harmony. It is also necessary to be based on mutual esteem and cooperation to solve any problem. Also, everyone should feel his value and position in the family without any privilege between the members. The old should show extreme affection towards the young in addition to the young should show deference towards the old and thus, the relations of fraternity and friendliness prevail among all the members of the family. It is a horrible thing to say that, the continual disputes between the parents lead to children's sensation of anxiety, tension and fear haunting their souls with the advent of each quarrel. Also granting preference or privilege to very son or daughter more than their siblings is somehow harmful and leading to emergence of jealousy between siblings and also psychological troubles.

The Interaction Of Children With Other People

Happy to say, that interaction with people entrenches the clue that he is belonging to associations or groups and as a result ,this interaction protects him from diversion and wallowing in the imagination. It is a horrible thing to say, that deprivation of children from external and social effects hinders their social growth and the child gradually becomes introvert and aggressive, not able to cooperate with other people and feels panic and anxiety all the time. In fact, some families resort to isolate their children especially girls as they have cling to their customs, but this has a harmful impact on the psychological health of children. Interaction of children with others contributes to cooperation, sound growth and also granting them with self confidence.


Paragon Of Excellence

Being a role model for your children is very important for entrenching in their souls the ideals (goodness, honesty, sincerity, truth .......Etc). For the spouse to be good examples they should follow these steps; their relationship should be based on basics of affection and mutual respect. They should follow a static treatment mixing between kindness and firmness.They should entrench in their children's souls the values of respecting feelings, freedom's other, self restraint and good treatment with others.

Following The Theory Of Reward And Punishment In A Proper Way

Following the theory of reward and punishment in an appropriate way leads to child's realization of right and wrong. To apply this theory in an appropriate way. The punishment should be completely free from violence and revenge. The reward also should be completely free from rewarding the child about every duty required from him to perform it. It is a horrible say to say, if the child gets accustomed to being given a reward about every duty required to perform it , he will become an aggressive and weak person.

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