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The fox and the sour grapes story - a short story for kids and everyone

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The fox and the grapes story is an old and interesting fable from the collection of Aesops fables.. One of the treasures our ancestors have left mankind is a huge collection of stories. Stories are very, very old and there are very many of them. There are a lot of collections of stories like Aesops fables, Panchatantra tales, a whole lot of fairy tales, folk tales, and more. Many of these stories are not merely entertaining but come with thought-provoking messages as well. There is a whole collection of 'moral stories' for kids - the idea being that kids who listen to or read these are able to imbibe the moral.

The fox and the grapes is an interesting short story often told to kids but perhaps 'grown-ups' can relate to this story more. Here is the story of the fox and the grapes retold.

The fox and the grapes

The fox and the grapes

The fox and the grapes story retold

Wily Fox was walking back home from the town where he had gone to see if he could sneak away some food. It was a long walk and Wily was getting tired. As he walked on, he came across a grapevine. Large bunches of luscious black grapes hung invitingly from the vine. But it was, alas, just a little high for Wily.

Wily looked up at the grapes and his mouth watered. "How to get at those lovely grapes," he pondered. "I have never seen such delicious looking grapes in my life. They must be so sweet and juicy. They look so perfect and round." Wily jumped up high and tries to get at the grapes, but they were just out of his reach.

"I should take a running leap," he thought. "Then I might be able to reach the grapes."

Wily took a few steps backward. Then he ran in and took a flying jump. He almost reached the grapes, but not quite. Wily took a longing look at the grapes again. Ah! how wonderful they seemed. "These must be the sweetest fruits in the whole world," he thought. I must have them. Perhaps if I came running in from a longer distance my jump would reach the grapes.

Although exertion was not in his nature, the vision of the juicy grapes spurred rhim on and Wily took a longer walk backwards. Then he came in running at top speed and took a leap. But! He was just short of the grapes again and what is more he came down with a thud!

Wily gave up the effort. He picked himself up and started walking away when along came Foxy Fox. "Oh! What lovely grapes, did you have some, Wily?" enquired Foxy.

"Those grapes are sour. I don't want them," said Wily as he hastily walked away.

"Oh! Then you must just have been practicing your long jump," mocked Foxy, for he had seen it all.

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The fox and the sour grapes!

This is an interesting and thought-provoking story. Perhaps we can relate to Wily Fox. See how he goes from:

"Look at those sweet grapes so high

To get at them now I'll try!"


"Very sour are those grapes indeed

To them I shall pay no heed!"

when he couldn't get the grapes. That was just to assuage his ego and pride. Lest someone think that he couldn't get the grapes due to a lack of ability, he quickly clarifies that he doesn't really want the grapes!

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charity mtisi from Johannesburg on December 07, 2019:

And all Wily really wanted was a taste of those grapes!

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