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The Secret to Turning Your Little Grinch Into a Merry Christmas Girl or Boy With Gus in Fun Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Turn Your Little Grinch Into a Merry Christmas Boy or Girl With Gus

The answer to having a Merry Christmas with your little ones

The answer to having a Merry Christmas with your little ones

Gus Has the Answer to a Merry Christmas With Your Little Ones

Chris Chatterton's Merry Christmas, Gus is a fun read for the holiday season that could solve the problem of little grinches during all of the celebrations. Sometimes the holidays can be too much for young children and they will decide that they do not like Christmas. Gus's dad discovers the answer to turning Gus around to loving Christmas.

Gus does not like all of those decorations for the holidays. He really doesn't like all of that singing with the carols. He doesn't like making snowmen. He especially doesn't like those Christmas sweaters that itch! Dad thinks about the real meaning of Christmas and doing things for the ones you love during the holidays. Dad realizes that Gus might like all of these things if he gets to spend more time with family. Sometimes parents are so busy with the activities that Christmas brings that they forget about family time. Gus and his dad discover that family time can get Gus to like Christmas. The surprise ending might call attention to another situation that can cause stress for your little one. Take the time to engage your child in a discussion about this surprise ending.

Merry Christmas, Gus has the answer if you have a little grinch at your house. The colorful pictures and simple text are engaging for little ones. It is recommended for ages 4-7 and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-38477-0. It was published by Penguin Workshop.

Brightly Colored Illustrations For Holiday Reading

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Take the Lesson From Gus That Family Time During the Holidays is What Your Young Child Values

All of the activities during the holidays can bring stress to young children. Parents forget that getting ready for the holidays can sometimes make the children feel left out and they might decide that they do not like Christmas. Gus's dad learns this lesson in this fun read for the holidays.

*Have a family reading time set for a planned time furing the holidays. Add Merry Christmas, Gus to your child's bookshelf this year.

*Engage your young child in a discussion to possibly discover the reason for their stress if they are behaving like the grinch this holiday season. What are some of the things that Gus does not like about Christmas? Does your child share Gus's feelings?

*What are some of the things that Gus and his dad begin to do with each other during the holidays? Can you add these activities to your family time? Special meals with dishes that your young child likes can add a special touch to a family holiday meal. You might choose a child-friendly recipe to allow your child to make this dish for their contribution to the dinner. Gus and his dad watch Christmas movies together. Have family time with a favorite holiday movie once or twice a week.

You may discover that Gus's dad has the answer to turning a little grinch into a young child who likes Christmas. Make time for family time during the busy holiday season.

Engage your child in a discussion of their ideas for family time during the holidays. Caroling with families who have young children can be an idea for family time. Your child might enjoy choosing a special decoration for the tree that he/she especially likes and participating in decorating the tree.

Allow your child to participate in a short trip to buy gifts for grandparents. Your child might like to choose a special sweater or shirt to wear during the holidays. Their ownership of the sweater might turn their dislike to liking the sweater. They might discover that it is fun to wear an "itchy Christmas sweater".

I invite you to take the poll at the end of this article and vote with other families about your favorite things to do as family time during the Christmas season.

Favorite Activities For Family Time During the Holidays

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