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The Pros of Getting Married and Starting a Family in Your 20s

Olivia Marlene married at age of 23 and stayed happily married with 2 kids. Even if she is a lawyer, her no. 1 priority is still her family.

Marrying and Starting a Family Early Has Its Own Advantages


I got married at the age of 23. I was young and barely fresh from university. It was unplanned. At that age, I was supposed to enjoy life after years of intense study. But with a baby on its way, the traditional resort was to get married and welcome the baby with a complete family.

Did I have regrets? None. Looking back, still, I don't have any regrets. And if I have to repeat my life all over again, I would take the same way, and live the life that I love now.

Don't get me wrong. This is not to encourage the young ones to marry and start a family early. The normal route is still - study, graduate, get a job, save, then marry, and start a family by the time you are emotionally and financially ready.

But if you are faced with a situation that you need to choose between enjoying life and raising a baby, then, by all means, choose the latter. You may bid goodbye to your freedom and be tied-up with parenthood but it's all worth it.

Now, I will share to you the advantages of having family early based on my experience.

Having Kids in Your 20s Ensures That You Have Better Energy for Bearing and Caring a Child


When you are in your 20s, caring for a baby who sleeps during the day and is wide awake during the night is more manageable than when you are older. You can endure a lack of sleep. You have the energy to rock and sing them to sleep. You can play with them all day.

If you are employed, you can juggle being a full-time employee by day then return home to be a mom after work. I tell you, I was able to do that with an extra task of being a law student. I made it. Thanks to the youthful energy during my 20s.

There Will Be Less Generation Gap Between You and the Kids


You will be surprised at the rate kids grow. Years fly and one day they will be taller than you. You will be enjoying tasks together. You will watch the same movies, sing the same songs, and even play the same games.

You can relate well to their generation as most likely the trends are not off-beat compared to your time. Traditions may still be the same. And they can openly discuss to you their secrets, dreams, and aspirations as you will just be like a friend to them.

You Will Enjoy Travelling With Your Kids While You Have Your Optimum Energy

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They say that when you are young, you want to travel because you have the time but don't have the money. When you start making money, you want to travel but don't have the time. When you grow old and retire, you now have the time and money but there will be no more energy. Unfortunately, that's life.

But not for me. I have traveled early while I still have energy and best of all, I was with my kids who are full of energy. By the time a child turns three, they begin to appreciate places and be comfortable with travel so they can come with us to explore places.

We started going out of the country when my eldest is 7 and my youngest is 4. I was 30 years old by then with so much energy for quick tours, catching trains, and navigating unknown roads.

Travels leave better memories for the kids. I'm glad that we started hopping in many city explorations while they are young and we (together with my husband) are young. Because now, my energy begins to dwindle and I'm happier staying at home.

While the Kids Need You, the Office Don’t Need You That Much


Except when you are the daughter of the CEO, when you are young it is expected that you only hold positions in the lower part of the career ladder. That means fewer responsibilities. You can go home exactly at 5:00 PM to be a mother to your kids and you have the entire weekend solely focused on them.

As you go up the corporate ladder, your kids are also growing requiring lesser attention. Think of not having to breastfeed or change diapers anymore. Now, do you agree? Once the kids have all grown-up, you find yourself on top of the ladder with more responsibilities that take up some of your precious weekend hours. But no worries as the kids have their own agenda, too. They have their basketball games or outings with friends, now without you. So you just go on with your tasks while waiting for them.

While the kids need you when they are young, the office doesn’t need you that much. Now it's you who have grown, professionally and the office needs you. Just the right timing because the kids now don't need you that much.

Your Money Will Grow Along With Your KIds


You married young with little or no savings. You started a family. You started working. You started saving. Having young kids requires lesser money than when they grow up. It just corresponds to your employment status and salary. You will be needing a small house and a small car or even manage not to have one. On this note, be wise, save while they're young. Accelerate your savings.

While they grow, their needs expand. You will have to pay for school fees, buy books, and gadgets. You would finance their recitals and prom. But back to the discussion that kids grow along with your career, you can finance all their needs and maybe more.

There's a Good Side to Everything


So there you go folks. I hope I have shared some insights. As I have told you, this is not in any way encouraging the young ones to marry early. For you, young ones, weigh your options, be sure that you are prepared - emotionally and financially. In all endeavors, it pays to plan and prepare.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Olivia Marlene

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