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Table of Etiquettes for a Mistress

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Protocols of a Mistress

Historical evidence finds etched on obelisks, clay tablets, papyrus, and books recorded for posterity the exploits of man ever since he has learned to conquer and invade other kingdoms. From the ruins of Sumer, the militaristic legacy left by the Spartans, the exploits of Rome, and the birth of the Renaissance period.

Down the pages of history, rulers great and small, like as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, King Henry VIII, and Adolf Hitler have special women who serve them as special liaisons, envoys, viceroys, a mistress, personal shrink, therapist and secret confidante in a world where the outcome of a war and invasion is being determined by the acts committed by the most brilliant men whom these rulers trusted most.

Kingdoms, empires, dynasties, sheikdom, and fiefdom of humanity were built, financed, and maintained by the treasures and wealth looted from the spoils of war and tyranny. Covert spying performed by mistresses and trusted allies is an important tool employed by these rulers to secure victory over wars.

Kingships were transferred, uprooted, defeated, crumbled, abandoned, and forgotten. Man reverted back to being an idiot, until he is being picked up from his knees, undergoes retraining, reeducation, and taught the art of going to war with other tribes.

Trophies of war were lost in the mists of time save for a few rubles and relics that were buried in the sands, reclaimed by nature and submerged at sea, forgotten until some curious seeker, an adventurer or a neophyte archeologist stumbles on the ruins left as a testament of the grandeur of the man's conquest.

Kingdoms were united, split, reunited and alliances were forged through marriages of warring factions and collusion with a powerful mistress such as Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba for purpose of political gains and expansion of territories and beyond borders.

For every ruler, and tyrant who oppressed people for centuries or free men from the bondage of slavery, there is the overt presence of a mistress by the ruler's side, who manipulated behind the scenes, a brilliant strategist, tactician, or a wallflower listening to the ruler as he plans the destiny of the lives of thousands under his fingertips.

Mistress magic charm and services are sought by ordinary men and rulers alike ever since men learned to fight and go to war with their fellow men.

Mistresses are excellent pleasure givers and strange bed pillows that cushioned men from the impact of different issues in the daily governance of their territories and nations.

Men want to be entertained, adored, appreciated for their efforts and victories. They desire an alluring mate, a good listener in bed, who empathizes or pretended to understand and favors their plans and views - a highly specialized listener in a form of a seductive woman upon their sight.

A mistress provides an invisible strength and inspiration for a married man that a wife has none, gone or has withered.

Mistresses are indefinitely here to stay unless there is an antidote to cure the spell they weaved around their chosen prey or prized possessions.

Mistresses provide a unique excitement and color to a dull life of a ruler and make the life of a wife a respite from the turmoils of marital bondage or living hell depending on the point of perspectives

What is a Mistress?

A mistress is a single or married woman who chooses to be a kept woman in a forbidden affair with a married man. The de facto contract entails provision of sexual favors, listening ears and in return for her services, she will be supported financially plus additional benefits and mouth watering perks depending on the capacity of the married man and his willingness to provide her comforts and luxuries that befits his station in life.

The sexual contract is exclusive and monogamous on the part of the mistress, but not on the married man, so long as the agreement is in force.

Who seduced whom?

The married man is the one who seduced the woman to be his kept woman or it can be the other way around or both.

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What form of seduction is bartered? he married man will barter:


The excellent motivator and commodity to bribe and buy loyalty, at least for the time being as long as the cash keeps on flowing.


It signifies clout, importance, information, influence that can help guarantee a network of friends, business connections or political opportunities.


Is a form of safe haven, a refuge for a troubled single or married individual who want to escape from poverty, social issues, emotional turmoil, chaos and intrigues of the life that revolves around the mistress.


Education is a very tempting commodity that a married man may offer to a woman, it will translate to a legacy, a means of finding a job.


Women suffering from financial meltdown, legal battles, foreclosure of real properties, drug addiction, substance abuse and vices will be seduced to take the offer of a married man with disposable cash, affordability and capacity to finance her wants, pay her debts, sustains her filthy habits and addiction.

The mistress marketing tools are her:

1, Body

A good supple body shape is the most tempting commodity a woman may possesses, and seldom any married man can refuse or walk away from such temptation. The younger and sexier is the woman, the better are her chances of a successfully marketing her body to married men who wanted to devour younger flesh in a form of sexual performances in bed.

2. Seduction

The mistress luscious body and soft supple skin turn on a married man to ravished her, it just completely drives the testosterone of married men into hyper drive.

3. Sex

Top caliber performance in bed that would make any man grasping for breath and wanting for more.

4. Brains

Businessmen who are married, are humping rabbits who experience euphoria wanting a smart woman, eloquent and assertive of what she exactly wants from life. After concluding the de facto contract, the saga begins.. You may wonder why sometimes a smart woman chooses the life of a mistress? She may have decided to join the long line of kept women because the benefits outrank the risks plus the fun and adventure.

Characteristics of a Mistress:

Good seductress

A woman oozing with sexual appeal and can melt a man’s knees and loins are one of the finest qualities that a married man is drawn to.

Young and Pretty

No old married man holding a fat wallet, possessing a dual brain will get attracted to an old wrinkled hag, is the universal consensus. Men regardless of their status in life always desire to be in the company of a younger woman who shall validates and reaffirm their male potencies make them feel good and young again while boosting their egos.

Master manipulator

A mistress is a clever schemer. She will grab and takes advantage of every opportunity that translates into money and power. She will use her body as a leverage , seduction as her weapon to laid her grabby fingers on whatever she fancies and twirl him around her finger and make him follow on her every beck and command.

Good listener

Married men enjoying the perks of a forbidden affair in the company of the mistress, may have a nagging or an indifferent wife at home. Familiarity begets boredom, boredom sows contempt. The repetitive monogamous sexual practice has lost its appeal, magic, and charm. He may seek the company of a woman who knows when to give him the space he needed and knows when to shut or open her mouth at the push of a button.

Descriptive analysis:

She is a self centered selfish ego maniac obsessed on the fulfillment of her goals. She won’t care how the others fared or affected in the pursuit of her personal self serving agenda, so long as she being provided of her wants and needs and she get the attention she readily sought. Well if wives at home are more aware of their roles and the seriousness of their lifetime vocation, the business of being a mistress would have petered out eons ago What do you think?

Descriptive analysis on the life of a mistress

A mistress life is full of mischief with occasional wrestle on her conscience. The offer of mouth watering perks does not negate the dangers that a mistress might endure despite of the laughter and fun she shares with her married boyfriend. Every step she takes brings her closer to the perils of danger.

A mistress is invisibly balancing on a tight rope when the result of her spending is felt by the aggrieved family. There may be a grieving angry wife, and a scorned woman out there seeking revenge for what should be rightfully hers to spend and splurge.

The life of a mistress is uncertain, similar to a roller coaster ride, there are high and lows. The status of a mistress offers no secure future unless the man she has an affair with, is stinking rich and will voluntarily make separate arrangements to appropriate funds to secure a comfortable nesting ground for his kept woman when something happens that will force the relationship to an end..

Most extra marital affairs is only good and valid so long are both parties are equally happy and satisfied -- where the mistress is delivering top quality performance in bed, and the man keeps the cash flowing.

A mistress status is at most a temporal and transitory aberration. Stress and public ridicule are the bartering chip she will embrace and endure depending on how she manage and handle public perception in regards to her actions.

Whatever the deal is, a mistress has to follow certain protocols to avoid an explosive scandal, conflicts under the scrutiny of public eyes. This is to establish diplomacy and to avoid legal battles that may arise from such forbidden affair.

The art of properly dealing with your role as a mistress without violating the parameters and limitations of your role is a must for preservation of status quo of the people concern and the society you are dealing with.

The Etiquette for a Mistress:

1. The forbidden affair is transitory, temporal, and uncertain hence, be logical and never attempt to convince the married man you are having an affair with to leave his family.

2. Be discreet. Even if people will call you names behind you back and brand you a whore, act with humility, sophistication and proper breeding. Do not act and talk like a perfect bitch just because you are immersed in whore business.

3.What you and the married man have got is a business arrangement, keep the subterfuge flowing. Avoid discussing his family, or asking questions about them. You are mirage, not a permanent fixture in their household.

4. Do not inveigle yourself into a compromising position as his official consort in social engagements and business functions. That position is strictly a role exclusive for the wife.

5. Family vacations, birthdays, anniversaries are to be spend exclusively with his family. Do not steal those precious moments from them. Play the perfect diplomat, pretend, smile and send him off to enjoy and celebrate the occasion with them

6. Spent his money, do not bother how he get it. Enjoy the euphoria while it lasted.

7. Do not lose your good friends even if you are basking in temporal glory and material abundance. They will come in handy when your fantasy world falls apart.

8· Do not fall in love with your married lover. He betray his wife, he will betray you as well unless you are the cure. All his speeches are just icing on the cake, melts in your mouth and voila, gone!

9. Do not bear his child. Spare the child the complications and shamed.

10. Anticipate the worst, you married lover may terminate the affair as he sees fit.

Unsolicited words of wisdom

. Save money, set a nesting egg, this must be your top agenda

· Pursue your interest that will generate income.

. Take extra care not to lose your job..

· Bail out when the opportunity presents itself.

· Do not be financially and emotionally dependent on him.

It is your life, not mine and you live it the way you wish. I am not playing devil’s advocate, whatever is your justification, motive and excuse, it boils down to one thing, you are committing a grave offense against his family.

When the excitement and thrill of your conquests wears off, common sense will start to penetrate your clouded mind, guilt feelings and remorse will drive you down, but that is for you to discover..

I am not going to tell you how to salvage your life. Do you like the vocation and profession you chose? Is it your destiny to be a mistress

…is you choice, your call. Do the math..

or try to reflect back on your chosen career and consider the possibility of getting back your self respect, self worth and self confidence.

How to start? The clues are emancipation, freedom, peace and contentment.



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