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Ten Fascinating Qualities of a Housewife


Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.

A Superwoman

Mrs. Rabia Haider was having breakfast with her son and his friend (Ali). Ali loved the delicious chutney made by Rabia. He liked it so much that he finished the whole bowl kept on the dining table. Seeing that, Rabia could not help but smile satisfactorily. She silently patted herself for her sumptuous recipe.

Her husband joined them and asked politely if there was more chutney for him. Rabia said yes to that.

She immediately rose from her chair and rushed to the kitchen and started making new chutney. She knew she had to be quick as she had lied to her husband.

After a few minutes, as she hadn't returned, her husband went to check on her. He was amazed to see her making fresh chutney with quick precision. He said she could have simply told him that it was over. To which she smiled and said, "I know how much you love and devour the chutney." She also prompted she did it out of pleasure.

He immediately understood it was deep love. Simply put, he had just stumbled upon evidence that his partner was an amazing housewife.

Mrs. Haider was just one example. There are many like her. They have undying devotion for their household, children, and husbands. They are known as housewives.

This article proudly speaks of such characteristics.


How is She Fascinating

Below are her two most attractive features.

1) Personal assistant to the entire household:

  • We feel special, important, loved, and happy when our house lady (wife or mother) gladly performs various small to big tasks that indefinitely benefit us.
  • Every day becomes convenient because she helps manage things smoothly just like a personal assistant.

2) She appeals to all:

  • Whether you are a boy or girl, man or woman, the lady of your house treats you equally. She loves all of you plenty. Each member in the family looks up to her and is somehow dependant on her.

Living without her is a messy and unguided path.


Ten Amazing Qualities

  • 1) Her house is special:

If you feel dazzled by the majestic interior of her house, you will admire her opulent taste, which can easily be bought with money. But if you can powerfully feel a positive vibe and good energy from her house, that's because of the efforts exerted by a hardworking housewife, which cannot be purchased anywhere.

Even if ordinary, her house is special, fondled by love and care. You can compare such a house to a magnificent tree, and the housewife plays the role of that efficient gardener. By working tirelessly, she transforms a seed into a big tree with branches and fruits.

The tree's shade provides comfort. There are branches that provide company and strength, and there are fruits to satisfy hunger.

In short, there is growth and prosperity, and you beam and rejoice in your caretaker's company.

  • 2) She has few regrets:

She has faltered, but she hasn't made terrible mistakes. If she has done something regrettable, she has a better grip on the situation now. She has improved for good. All the time she is hyperaware not to destroy her house. She gives freedom when required, and is strict when necessary. She has few regrets.

  • 3) She has to Sacrifice:

Often, a housewife's dinner plans (eating outside) get canceled because her husband, even after promising could not turn up home owing to work pressure.

Mostly, she cannot go to the gym for a workout. Neither she can go for a run because of her enormous responsibilities.

She has to cancel her appointments with her hairdresser. She misses parties and get-togethers. She yells and cries and fights and curses. Then she flashes a smile, puts everything behind, and gets back to managing her household with pure affection and care. Her life is full of sacrifice.

  • 4) Not a war house:

She nurtures her residence and does it brilliantly. As a pair, husband and wife live in understanding and harmony. Her optimism and patience reduce arguments, quarrels, and rebuke.
As a mother, she builds and maintains love among her children. They are fond of one another. They joke, laugh as well as tease, and are considerate to each other.
House members are one big happy family.

Husband (father), wife (mother), children and their siblings live peacefully in the same house. They fight; they resolve. The housewife sees to it that love and care largely prevail.

  • 5) You dare not face her wrath:

How can wrath be a positive quality?
It becomes one when you stop a bad event or incident to happen out of love and fear for your beloved one.

A good housewife, as easy and friendly as she can be, is also firm and stern when needed.
She defines her conduct clearly. Her course of action is comprehensible and transparent.
You remain alert about when not to cross her. So, you control yourself and prevent troubles as a sign of respect for her. The love and concern you have for her help you discipline yourself. As a result, you mostly avoid committing grave errors.

  • 6) Always pretty

To attract is the wife's forte. Impressive is her work, style, countenance, and disposition. That is why she is beautiful in her own way. Importantly, she is pleasing. In her different family roles, the house lady has a charming and pleasant personality. She is pretty because she keeps her household happy.

  • 7) Has the ears of all:

Because she has gained trust and confidence through efforts and wisdom, a good housewife can positively influence all the family members. By listening, understanding, and taking fruitful decisions, she helps the members prosper in life.

  • 8) loves her chores:

No matter what position she holds, and regardless of her social and financial status, she loves her chores and does them happily.
Whether it is buying groceries, cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, etc, she prefers doing them by herself.
Example: She finds pleasure in ironing her husband's clothes, and loves to feed her children. Running errands is her daily exercise that she likes doing it.

  • 9) She can trick you for good:

How is a homemaker tricking you a good quality? Your mother or wife seeks for your well being and welfare.
Times when you are lazy, weak, and out of control, she will lure and push you to get the work done.
When you act foolishly and irresponsibly, she will influence and guide you. She will take corrective steps to make you responsible, sane, and sorted.

  • 10) She thinks for the family:

Her thinking is for all. It's more for the family's benefit. Rather than putting individuals first, she puts the family (as a whole) first. What is advantageous for the household is her priority and decision.

It's captivating indeed. As a person, you do what is best for you, but a housewife does what is best for her family.


Foolish, ignorant, and ungrateful are those who consider their hardworking homemaker mediocre and treat her improperly.

When a housewife fails, the household suffers. Multiple lives get affected. The harsh fact is, the suffering members are not outsiders but family.

Any good housewife cannot bear such damage and loss. Therefore, she turns into a protector and savior. Like a heroine of life. That's another fascinating quality of her.

I salute them all. They are our success stories. We all have an opportunity to bring her into our lives and make our lives more interesting and beautiful than before.

So, cherish your woman. If you are a lady and a housewife, cherish and celebrate yourself. Do it daily. That's what you deserve.

© 2019 Imran khan

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