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Ten Fascinating Qualities of a Housewife

Imran is an anthropologist who researches and writes on self-improvement.

A Superwoman

Mrs. Rabia Haider was having breakfast with her son and his friend (Ali). Ali loved the delicious chutney made by Rabia. He loved it so much that he finished the whole bowl kept on the dining table. Seeing that, Rabia could not help but smile satisfactorily. She silently patted herself for her sumptuous recipe.

Her husband joined them and asked politely if there was more chutney for him. Rabia said yes to that.

She immediately rose from her chair and rushed to the kitchen and started making new chutney. She knew she had to be quick as she had lied to her husband.

After a few minutes, as she hadn't returned, her husband went to check on her. He was amazed to see her making fresh chutney with quick precision. He said she could have simply told him that it was over. To which she smiled and said, "I know how much you love and devour the chutney." She also prompted she did it out of pleasure.

He immediately understood it was deep love. Simply put, he had just stumbled upon evidence that his partner was an amazing housewife.

Mrs. Haider was just one example. There are many like her. They have undying devotion for their household, children, and husbands. They are known as housewives.

This article proudly speaks of such characteristics.


How is She Fascinating

A simple rule demandingly says: you work and you earn money. What's the payment for the work by housewives?

Nothing exactly. Not even proper gratitude and appreciation.

Indeed, her indoors-and inside-work won't be called a profession. She cannot make a career out of it. Certainly, that doesn't mean she is jobless.

Housekeeping is her occupation, and she doesn't get paid for that. The money given to her by her husband is for managing the house and not a payment or reward. Additionally, Unlike the so-called professionals with nine-to-five jobs, housewives are on duty round the clock. So, woe on those who disregard the hard work of these superb ladies and consider them free, frivolous, and idle.

She contributes enormously to the family. Still, members take her for granted. Every day becomes convenient and passes smoothly when she is present. Each member is largely dependant on her. Any house will be a disaster and will be empty without her.

That's what makes housewives special. They become the personal secretary to each member of the house and run your life effectively and bring happiness.


Ten Amazing Qualities

  • 1) Her house is a treasure

It's not the expensive interior or the opulent taste that makes her house special. Decorations can be easily bought with money.

The good vibe that you get and the energy that you feel make her house special. There is peace and power in her property.

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What stuns you the most is the fact that her house is precious even though ordinary. Fondled by love and care.

You can compare such a house to a magnificent tree, and the housewife is the gardener who looks after that tree.

Also, she acts as: the sunlight, water, wind, and fertilizers resulting in proliferation and prosperity.

The tree bestows shade and comfort. Its branches provide company and strength. The fruits fuel energy and satisfy hunger.

In short, you beam and rejoice under the care of your mother, sister, and wife. That's certainly a treasure.

  • 2) Her mistakes her harmless:

If she has done something regrettable, she has a better grip on the situation now. She has improved for good and is hyperaware not to destroy her house. She gives freedom when required, and is strict when necessary. She has few regrets. Managing the household is not the worst mistake of her life.

  • 3) She sacrifices a lot:

Her plans, movie nights, outdoor activities, vacations, often get canceled because her husband can not honor them even after promising owing to work pressure and commitments.

She can neither go to the gym nor for a run because of her enormous responsibilities.

She has to cancel her appointments with her hairdresser. She misses parties and get-togethers.

She yells, cries, fights, and curses. Then she flashes a smile, puts everything behind, and gets back to managing her household with pure affection and care. Her life is full of sacrifice.

  • 4) Her house is not a war house:

She performs excellently and cooperates fully with her family. There is understanding and harmony among the members because of her. She skillfully resolves disputes and conflicts. Her house is a happy family that enjoys and celebrates life. They care for each other and stand by one another. The housewife sees to it that love and care must exist forever.

  • 5) Fearing her wrath you avoid screwing up:

You stop yourself from doing wrong out of fear and love for your beloved ones. You neither hurt them nor face their anger.

A good housewife is not only friendly but also firm when needed. So, you are cautious to not infuriate her. You control yourself and prevent troubles out of respect for her. The love and concern you have for her enforce discipline in you.

  • 6) She is beyond beautiful:

Her beauty is beyond physical. She charms with her countenance as well as disposition and is uniquely beautiful and pleasing. Her personality is above her looks. Her dedication, devotion, and efforts bring out a shine in her.

  • 7) She is an influencer:

She is the family's therapist and has the ears of all. As she knows her family in and out, she influences in making the right decisions. Many times you might avoid confronting her because of the fear that she will speak the truth no matter what. She will still influence anyway out of love and force.

  • 8) She loves her chores and responsibilities:

She accepts her duties, chores, and responsibilities gladly and is not fearful, lazy, or careless to honor them. She will screw up but get back into gear quickly. She will play the role of an in-charge and perform as best as she can.

Buying groceries, cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, etc, is not beneath her, and she would seek pleasure in ironing clothes and feeding her children. Running errands is the daily exercise she likes.

  • 9) She knows how to get the work done:

When you run from your responsibilities, she will impart discipline in you. When you act lazy or weak and go out of control, she will lure or trick you and enforce the right protocol. She knows well what can grab you back to the right track, so will always push the right buttons.

  • 10) She is the epitome of compassion, selflessness, and good values:

She thinks, cares, and worries for each member of the family. Being selfless she puts the family first. Her choices, actions, and decisions appeal to all. What is advantageous for the household is her top priority. That impart in us good values. We learn to share happiness and sorrows, and we show compassion, consideration, and respect to others, especially family. Our inspiration comes from good housewives.

No life without her

Foolish, ignorant, and ungrateful are those who don't value their women.

When a housewife fails, the household suffers. Multiple lives get affected. The harsh fact is, the suffering members are not outsiders but family and blood relations.

Any good housewife cannot bear such damage and loss. Therefore, she turns into a protector and savior. Like a heroine of life. That's another fascinating quality of her.

I salute them all. They are our success stories.

So, cherish your woman. If you are a lady and a housewife, cherish and celebrate yourself. Do it daily. That's what you deserve.

© 2019 Imran khan

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