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Teenagers Answer Questions About High School Life

I ask my friends (16 - 17 years old) questions about high school.


Question 1: What's your worst fear in high school?

  • "Not being able to graduate."
  • "losing my friends."
  • "Having to do presentations in front of everyone and having the fear of people making fun of you if you mess up."
  • "Honestly, losing someone close to suicide due to the stress of school, and not being able to help them. I fear failing and disappointing my parents, but mainly failing myself."
  • "Not being to able to get good grades like everyone else."
  • "People hating me without me knowing."

Question 2: What was one embarrassing moment in high school?

  • "Talking in front of the whole school."
  • "Probably the time I was telling my friends to sniff my perfume and my friend made a joke that it was crack resulting in the teacher coming over asking what we were talking about."
  • "Going into the boys toilets during my first few weeks of year 7."
  • "Umm, literally any day I guess it was a teacher calling me out for following someone on social media, and the whole class had to know."
  • "When people would call me a try-hard just because I cared about my grades."

Question 3: Have you had any bad experiences with teachers if so why was it a bad experience?

  • "Not that I know of."
  • "Yes, it was a bad experience because he was just super rude and sexist, he defiantly freaks my friends and I out."
  • "Not really."
  • "Not recently no, but I have in the past. In a way, it was a good and bad experience. Like, it was bad in the moment, but good in the sense that I learnt and grew from that experience."
  • "Probably my English teacher this year because he wouldn’t understand my problems."
  • "Once I was helping a friend with an issue that she had so I was a minute late to class and the teacher had locked the door and then she came out 5 minutes later and told me I was six minutes late and got me into trouble when really she had just locked me out of the classroom for 5 minutes."

Question 4: How do you want to be remembered when you leave?

  • "I don't really wanna be remembered as anything honestly idc."
  • "Funny and talented."
  • "I don't know."
  • "As a friend, as kind and knowledgeable. I want to be remembered as the person who was always there for them whenever they needed."
  • "I want to be remembered as that kid who never given up and managed to get to school everyday."
  • "Nice, quiet one that always tried her best."

Question 5: What was your happiest moment in class?

  • "I can’t choose one specifically but all the random conversations that pop up."
  • "When I'm working with my friends and we just randomly burst into song."
  • "Having free time on the last few days of school."
  • "Probably getting 100% on an assignment, or literally having the best laugh with my friends."
  • "Probably last year when I had art with certain people."
  • "When my now best friend asked if she could hang out with me at lunch for the first time because if she hadn’t done that we wouldn’t be as close now."

Question 6: Does a single bad grade matter to you?

  • "Depends on what subject it’s in."
  • "Usually, no."
  • "Yes, whenever I get a bad grade I instantly don’t feel good enough to be in that specific class."
  • "Not anymore, I mean, before getting them, it was quite soul crushing in a sense. But now, I know how I can improve and learn from those experiences."
  • "No because it’s just a grade at the end of the day. Why should it matter."
  • "It used to, but now it’s quite common in later years so not as much anymore."
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Question 7: What advice would you give to students going into high school?

  • "Learn from your mistakes because one day they’ll make you stronger."
  • "Don't worry about what other people think about you because they are insignificant."
  • "People change, you may get friends who one minute become your best friend, and the next can completely walk out of your life. It’s good having friends, but just be careful with who you make/are friends with."
  • "Just be yourself. The journey you’re on to the rest of your life is your journey, and yours only. Don’t let anyone else pressure you, dictate your choices or make you feel bad about how you are doing. Just understand that everyone is on their own pathway and have their own strengths and weaknesses, just like you do."
  • "High school is scary but stick for yourself and don’t let no kid push you down. Be strong."
  • "Don’t let one incident get you down, whether it’s people or grades. Keep going, this is only a small chapter. "

Question 8: What was the most rebellious thing you did in high school?

  • "Skip class."
  • "Wagged class."
  • "I guess not really doing work in some classes."
  • "I’m not sure, I’m quite a prude lol. I guess maybe not revising for an assignment."
  • "Looked at houses in real estate websites in class with my friends."

Question 9: What's your opinion of your peers?

  • "Most people are really nice but we don’t talk that much, everyone supports one another and it’s a great environment to be in."
  • "I'm pretty lucky that the people I hang out with are just as weird and crazy as me so I'm very fortunate for that. As for the people I don't talk to, some can be rude but others really nice."
  • "I don't really have one."
  • "I love them, and they definitely do make the experience in class a lot more enjoyable. However, I do wish I get to know them more."
  • "Honestly, I don’t like my peers. They are rude, up themselves and think they are top shite but I think all of my friends are lovely."
  • "Most of them are fine, I truly to stay out of drama as much as possible."

Question 10: Do you feel like you are being constantly judged?

  • "Sometimes but who doesn’t."
  • "No, I'm very good at blocking people out."
  • "Yes, I always feel like I am being watched and judged by everyone."
  • "Yeah, not gonna lie. I feel like I can be quite insensitive or come off as unapproachable because I’m judged by how I look or the things I say."
  • "Yes because I feel like people are staring at me and I don’t know if it’s my skin or if I’ve done something to them."
  • "Yes,"

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