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Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

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The causes of teenage pregnancy are as diverse, depending on the society and peer influence. With civilization and introduction of education, the case of sexuality changed in many ways. In the years preceding civilization, for example, teenage pregnancy occurred in consensual matrimonial homes.

Causes of teenage pregnancy are very diverse

Causes of teenage pregnancy are very diverse

Until today, the matter of teenage pregnancy has remained as complicated as ever.

Below are situations, which if not properly addressed can lead to early and unwanted pregnancy:

1. Adventure Gone Wrong

The puzzle of teenage sex is much like a one-year-old child striving to touch and eat everything on its way. Little kids can literally pop your eyes out if they could, all in the name of solving some weird puzzle!

The same goes for a teenage girl who is learning how to understand the whole concept of adolescence.

While adjusting to these challenges, she is also going to high school, most probably away from home, and meeting new friends.

Some of these friends become constructive and definitely destructive and will provide countless opinions on accosting teenage sexuality matters.

The discovery is not made any easier when she watches permissive TV shows and participates in uncensored social networks.

It is only when a girl gets pregnant and goes through the pains and responsibilities of a full woman that she begins to understand her predicament.

By then it is a little too late.

Other facets of life like education have to be postponed and the process of growing up gets screwed.

2. Permissive Parents

Modern parents are tempted to try out lots of ideas and strategies in order to guide the blossoming teen. Some of these will work whereas others will not.

Parents need to remember that girls are not guinea pigs and will land in pit-holes sooner or later if subjected to numerous trial and error experiments. The sooner they realize what works, the better.

Allowing a teenage girl child to have a boyfriend is not necessarily a gesture of empowerment! A parent must follow up the duo and monitor inappropriate permissiveness.

Parents need to talk to kids with guided wisdom if they are to endear themselves safely.

On the other hand, stopping teenagers from interacting may not be very popular. There are parents out there who still believe in religious chastity and are determined to steer the girl child away from what they call permissiveness. To them, the interaction may result in sexual union is totally out of the question.

Permissiveness and the willingness of society to embrace new forms of social interaction is so hard to fight but must be done cautiously.

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3. Peer Pressure

Talking and worrying the teen about sex and teenage pregnancy should be handled with utmost wisdom. While the parent is doing his/her role, the peers of the young may as well be availing her better or worse ideas. And depending on the ability of the parents or peers in communicating information across, the young girls' choices may hang in the balance.

Most often than not, peers are better at communicating effectively - or not. Given their ability to talk excitedly, they may help brand parental ideas inappropriate.

The source of information for most peers always remain questionable. Whereas some regurgitate ideas from parents, some of which may not be correct, others are experts at interpreting information which is out-sourced from the internet and elsewhere.

We all know that not all information from the internet is correct and no one will be there to guide the teenagers as they scroll through these sources.

Peer pressure can easily lead to early sex and sometimes teen pregnancy

Peer pressure can easily lead to early sex and sometimes teen pregnancy

4: Wrong Communication

As observed in the previous arguments, different parents communicate differently to their teens and these parental ideas are discussed by the little girls in their own round tables.

Probably out of ignorance, some parents may very much be the reason why teenagers get pregnant in the first place. Failure by parents to correctly guide their little girls in matters of relationships and sexuality is one big contributing factor.

You do not want to be the one whose ideas are always considered old school. It is hard to reverse the conclusions teenagers have drawn about you and your ideas, and you will not help matters when you try to force your ideas through.

For example, the idea of abstinence may not be a winner if your daughters’ friends are active in sex. Your ability to weave around the two sets of ideas is paramount. Do not fret, however, when your girl turns a deaf idea. Try another approach. Be an understanding parent and do not scream!

Dealing With a Pregnant Teen!

Now that your former little angel has gone 'rebel' and is carrying a baby, your best parental instincts should just about kick in.

The first person to accept the pregnancy of a teenager should be the parent. Like the saying goes milk once poured cannot be collected, what has happened to the little girl is beyond fixing - save for abortion - and cannot be undone.

Vanessa Williams became pregnant before she was 20

Vanessa Williams became pregnant before she was 20

A parent who goes ranting and screaming is totally way off and needs to get a hold of himself or herself.

Pregnant teens are shocked and deserve lots of love and attention from the parent.

A baby inside a womb is at the mercy of the pregnant mother, and will only thrive if the mother is at peace with herself.

Depending on what may have led to the pregnancy, the two parties can discuss and forge a way forward. Some families opt for abortion if the pregnancy is unwanted, say from rape or other medical conditions as per the doctors report.

Ultimately, however, a baby is the greatest gift, and the sight of a bouncing and crying baby after nine months is the culmination of a woman's worth.

The sight of the little baby will rub away all tears and panic in the family, and the resulting smile will reassure the little girl that there is life after pregnancy.

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