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Teen Mom Emily


So she's a teen mom at 17 years of age. I write this blog to express my disapproval of all those who send Emily hate comments, reading which immensely disturbs me, because of the sole reason that it reflects the nature of some people who are humans too.

Yes, she was careless. That's why she's a teen mom in the first place. But this girl has sacrificed the prime time of her life into looking after her baby. Surely that should count.

Can you undo what has happened to her? Surely not. You know it as well as she. So what the point of discouraging her is, does not show itself to me. Instead of posting comments that tell her she is a terrible mother, telling her you appreciate how hard she is working to not be one is sure to inspire her to be the perfect mom, that all you lovely ladies are.

The point that I on my part want to get across is that all feminism comes to nothing if we look down on a teenage mother who had the misfortune of getting into a fix like that (but the wonderful fortune of having a beautiful baby boy who, in my opinion, is one of the cutest babies I saw!).

I think instead of hurling hurtful remarks at her parenting, if we are to empathise with her and push her with our encouraging words to do better, she will one day look back on her youthful motherhood as an exquisite accident to have happened.

To Emily, and to all girls and women who can relate with her : you are strong ladies, gorgeous ladies, excellent mothers and really admirable individuals, whose perseverance in your role of a mother drives the rest of us to bring out the best in our very selves.

May the Lamb of God protect you.

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