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Teaching colors

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Teaching colors to preschoolers

Teaching colors to preschoolers can be fun - both for the teacher and the taught. Kids love colors. They start distinguishing between different colors at a fairly early stage. There are a lot of interesting activities you can do to teach colors to your preschooler. You can engage them in many activities and games using simple things like color flashcards, books, and so many common objects all around you.

Teaching colors - a color chart

Teaching colors - a color chart

Teaching colors - green flashcard

Teaching colors - green flashcard

Teaching colors - red flashcard

Teaching colors - red flashcard

Teaching colors using flashcards

You can get or make flashcards for colors. These cards can either be fully colored (with different colors) or can have pictures of objects of different colors. You can use these flashcards and engage children in many activities:

- You can simply hold up a color flashcard and ask children to tell which color it is.

- You can name a color and ask children to pick up the right card.

- You can pick up any card and ask children to pick up a matching card.

- You can hide different cards in different locations in the room and ask children to find say a red card or a blue card and so on.


Teaching colors using books

You can use picture books for children to teach colors. Point out to a picture and ask kids to tell which color some feature in it is (say for example - what is the color of the boy's shirt?). You can then name any color and ask kids to point out any thing in the book of that color.

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Teaching colors using food items

While preparing or while eating food can also be a good time to learn about different colors. Kids can see that different food items are of different colors. For example they can see that milk is white, wheat bread may be brown, pepper is black, green peas are green and so on.

Teaching colors at the market

While shopping at the market can also be a good time to teach about different colors to your child. At a fruit stall you can see yellow bananas, red apples, orange oranges, green grapes and so on. At a vegetable stall you can see orange carrots, green ladies fingers', brown potatoes, white radishes etc. You can also see (sometimes) green, red, orange as well as yellow capsicums. Thus a particular object can at times be in different colors.

Teaching colors while picking out clothes

Many children soon develop definite ideas about the clothes they like to wear, particularly the colors. Very young children can learn about colors even while arranging or picking out their clothes.

Teaching colors - coloring activities

You can introduce many different types of coloring activities for children like finger painting or thumb painting (wherein kids have to dip their fingers or thumb in watercolor and then use to make patterns on paper or 'color' inside given outlines). Other activities may include sticking colored bits of cotton (got by dipping bits of cotton in water color) and decorating outline pictures, using a slice of onion or ladies finger' and dipping in paint and using to decorate outline pictures, etc.

Teaching colors -  a set of crayons

Teaching colors - a set of crayons

Look at these crayons

Teaching colors - coloring pages

Kids usually love to color. Coloring pages and coloring books are often of great appeal to them. Initially for very small kids you can start with simple pictures to color. These may be large in size with perhaps a single color to color in, for example a large outline of an apple to color all red. Later the pictures can become more and more detailed with lots of coloring to be done in.

Teaching coloring - very simple coloring activity

Teaching coloring - very simple coloring activity

Coloring activity - teaching coloring

Coloring activity - teaching coloring

Teaching colors - using videos

Preschool videos are an interesting and fun way for preschoolers to learn basic preschool concepts. The video below introduces preschoolers to several common colors. Educational videos for preschoolers hold great appeal to young kids as watching something is often better than just hearing about it. Such learning videos for toddlers are therefore quite popular. This can indeed be thought as a learning video for babies since young kids are often introduced to common colors quite early. There are also other preschool videos in this series like for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes etc.

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