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Teaching Children About Good and Evil

Raine has interest in Spiritual and metaphysical subjects as a tool to better understand the soul.

Teaching Children about What is Good and Evil will help them to live life more fully and authentically. Raine Law Yuen..

Teaching Children about What is Good and Evil will help them to live life more fully and authentically. Raine Law Yuen..

Churches have a special sacred energy about them.

Churches have a special sacred energy about them.

Good and Evil - The Battle For Our Souls.

It seems we live in a time of great confusion with many not knowing what is truth and as a consequence prefer not to practice any form of spiritual practice.

Global statistics indicate a growing trend towards being agnostic.

I share with you my simplified explanation of the battle for our souls in the concept of good vs evil.

Light destroys darkness

Light destroys darkness

Light Always Wins Over Dark.

Spiritual texts teach that there is a constant battle for our souls between forces of good and forces of evil that takes place in the subtle realms. In other words it is happening in a dimension that is not visible to most people.

Due to free will our spirit guides (which are assigned to us and guide and protect us throughout our lives, but we need to know how to listen and tune into them) cannot interfere. We must constantly choose between forces of good and evil.

For instance, how do you respond to a child that says mean things ? Do you add to his meanness or say something kind instead? Your child may have an opportunity to change him because light energy always wins over darkness. Its like being in the dark, the minute you switch on the light, darkness disappears. However if you choose to give him a taste of his own medicine then you add to the darkness.

Its not always easy to do the better or right thing but it is always the better choice.

We are called to make choices daily between good and evil.

We are called to make choices daily between good and evil.

Dark forces feed off fear.

Dark forces feed off fear.

What is Evil (Dark Energy)?

The dark forces are very successful in hiding themselves as they are low frequency energies and once detected and exposed, quickly withdraw, change form and are destroyed.

The dark forces have turned away from Gods light and are therefore cut off from accessing Gods life force which is accessed through our heart and speaks to us through our intuition centre.

The dark forces objective is to make mankind like them and feed off our fear. In this way we are prevented from living our life purpose.

Dark energy can only manipulate you through your mind space. The mind is a powerful tool but designed to do the bidding of the heart. That is why it is so important to always do what you love and what you believe is the right thing to do which is not always the most convenient choice.

What Is Fear?

Fear is food for evil. Dark forces feed off fear in order to feed, replicate and survive.
They influence us through the mind.
A mind without the spirit force to guide it becomes week and easily manipulated.
The dark forces are intelligent and infiltrate mans collective energies through inversion of the truth and lead us into entrapment situations

What is Good?

To be happy and fulfilled requires the courage to be true to ourselves at all times.
This requires that we know ourselves well and that we filter our thoughts and decisions through our intuitions.

As Jesus said. ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’ (Luke17:21)

Good energy is always related to LOVE because this is Gods essence.When we act out of love and express love in everything that we do from an authentic inner source - we follow Gods will and become naturaly aligned to our true selves.

Good Forces will not intervene unless we ask them to through prayer due to free will.

Good Forces will not intervene unless we ask them to through prayer due to free will.

Why Can't The Good Forces Intervene?

We live in a universe of free will. Good forces cannot intervene unless you ask for their assistance We do this through prayer..

Consequences of our Choices.

If we make decisions out of ignorance and follow the dark forces, life will be full of struggles, fear, anger, guilt, depression and self betrayals. Yummy food for the dark forces.

if we choose the good forces by following our inner voice at all times and maintaining a daily spiritual practice, we will be aligned with our true selves and life will be happy and fulfilling.

What are Some Spiritual Practices?

  • Prayer: When we pray we are talking with God and our spirit guides. Due to free will our spirit guides cannot intervene in our life unless we ask. We ask for divine guidance through prayer.
  • Meditation: Enables us to connect with our inner being or spirit. If we listen carefully we will hear what God is telling us through our intuition.
  • Light Visualization: Fills us with Gods loving light, grace, protection and guidance.
  • Good Works: Enriches our Spiritual Bank enabling greater opportunity for God to work through us.
  • Gratitude: When we show gratitude it is encouraging Divine will to reward and help us further.
  • Giving: When we give, we also receive and have greater access to the collective resource of Gods great bank.
  • High Frequency Activities such as : Being out in nature, eating wholesome food, exercise, getting sunlight,
  • singing, being happy, living in the moment and anything that lifts your soul.

Here is a link that teaches how we can apply different forms of spiritual practices.

Tips on How to Teach Children About Good and Evil.

  • understand the inner being of your child. Children are all different. They have different talents and ways of exploring and expressing themselves in the world.
  • Encourage your child's natural talents. Remember your children are from you but not of you.
  • Be an example. Children often complain that adults tell them to do things which they themselves do not do.
  • Cover a spiritual theme every week and find ways to express it with your children. Example teach them about giving by doing something for someone less fortunate. Even teaching them to smile at someone that looks sad is a form of giving and does not cost anything.
  • Pray daily and together regardless of whether you attend church or not. Spiritual connection is vital to living a life under Gods protection and avoiding situations that lead to a life of being in the not self. Habit is the only way your children will remember to connect with their spirit and develop a soul connection regardless of which faith you support. There are many ways to pray. Choose and integrate what works best for you.

There is no greater gift that you can give to a child and to the world than to encourage their natural talents and authentic expression. Guide them to be the best that they can be.

When a child is encouraged to find and live their life purpose, they will make decisions always in the best interest of the universe, they will want to help others find their natural talents. They will not judge others and mankind will reverse its current cycle of destructive thinking and habits.

As the saying goes 'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world'

It all depends on you Mom and Dad . What's it going to be?

please share and lets change the world one Mom and Dad at a time.


Raine Law Yuen (author) from Cape Town on August 19, 2014:

Thank You - nice to meet you. We are living in the time of the global village - so its so wonderful to feel instantly connected to everyone - yet a little scary - I am so glad that you found value in this post. Please share.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on August 19, 2014:

I am amazed of your great talent. I am South African and so glad to meet you here on HP.

Raine Law Yuen (author) from Cape Town on August 18, 2014:

I have just read a number of your fascinating hubs and wondered what perspective you would bring to this hub - so I am so glad to receive your feedback. When I wrote this post I wanted to provide a simple but practical insight that could empower people and children to understand a spiritual concept without all the complexities. It seems we live in an age when people are either enlightened or totally lost - In the end I believe the key is to always follow our inner voice no matter what.

I believe that we are here to learn our life lessons - so I can only hope that as writers we are fortunate to reach people intended to see our words and hopefully make some difference.

Thanks Nadine - I Just love your work and insights.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on August 18, 2014:

Raine I love the way you articulate your own understanding of what a role the divine God-head plays in your life. Your children are fortunate to have a wise mother. - Encourage your child's natural talents_

I learned something from it. We can truly never have any judgement about what is good or what is evil when we address it from a human point of view, because we do not now the bigger picture in our children's lives. I've seen my children make choices that made me gasp from worry. I knew already that the people they attracted would bring hardships for them, but who was I to stop them? Were the people they chose to experience evil? From a human point of view I would say yes, but from a united soul point of view, they were their best teachers. All I could do at the time was alloying things to unfold for them, and be there when they needed me. Your Spiritual Practices are all wonderful. Voted up!

Raine Law Yuen (author) from Cape Town on August 16, 2014:

Thank you. I'm so glad that you found it easy to read and understand. I feel in this day and age many parents are themselves not sure as to how to guide their children best. By giving the basics and teaching children to follow their inner guide I believe they will be led to always make the right decisions irrespective of which faith they follow.,

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on August 16, 2014:

a concise, and easy to follow hub.. voted useful and up

Raine Law Yuen (author) from Cape Town on August 09, 2014:

Thank you so much - I am glad you found this post useful and interesting. I think we complicate things too much and in the process forget fundamentals. Teaching my children about God, good and evil in this way has really helped them to get the big picture. I am so sorry that I did not get to understand it this way when I was their age.

Jasmine S from Pennsylvania on August 09, 2014:

Fantastic hub! Very well written and some good valid points. Well done!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 09, 2014:

What a wonderful hub Raine, packed full of great advice for every parent, and also a lesson how we should all live our lives. Well done. Voted up .

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