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Warning! Your Kids Should Not Drink Water from a Garden Hose

As a kid, a water hose was my source of liquid to quench my thirst during outdoor play. I drunk this contaminated water often - bad news.


Beware! Although you may have drunk from a water house growing up and you're fine, doesn't mean it's okay for your kids to do the same. There are various dangers from drinking contaminated water from a garden hose. You have to know what the dangers are and that your kids must only consider a water hose for what it's used for - gardening, washing the car, filling a pool, etc. If you teach your kids that drinking water from the water hose outside is bad news, you can decrease their chances of nerve-wracking sicknesses.

The reason why drinking water from a water hose isn't recommended by me, and your local doctor, is because of the many chemicals that are found inside of a gardening water hose: lead, antimony, bromine, organotin, phthalates, and BPA, per

This list of chemicals is known to affect health in several ways if digested excessively.

  • Lead - damage to the brain and kidney
  • Antimony - liver and kidney damage
  • Bromine - severe digestive tract burn
  • Organotin - disrupts the endocrine system
  • Phthalates - lower intelligence and causes behavioral changes
  • BPA - affects the brain, prostate, and children's behavior.

The material that a water hose is made from alone contains hazardous health factors. But garden hoses also contain harmful bacteria as well.

Kids that are unaware of the dangers of drinking water from an outdoor hose, and are outdoor playing often, are at a greater risk of the listed health scares. This is true especially if your kids aren't watched periodically or provided with a backpack of bottled water when you've let them out to play. A water hose is enticing to kids to drink from when thirsty; they will turn on the outside tap and have a drink in a heartbeat if allowed. I did it, and I'm sure you do it as well.

When I was much younger, maybe the age of 10 - 14, I would see my friends drink from the outside tap when thirsty during a game of sports and so I adopted the method of quenching my thirst. Monkey see monkey do. It's so convenient to just run to a side or the front of a house and turn on the tap and hold the running hose end up to your mouth and pour in too. I understand why a kid would drink water from a garden hose.

How to get your kids to stay away from drinking from a garden hose

  • Pack a special backpack of water so they can take it along
  • Suggests water breaks periodically by calling your kids and providing them with clean water
  • Tell them that bugs and frogs crawl through water hoses. They may end up swallowing one or the other of these creatures.
  • Just simply tell them that the water hose is off-limits for use (adults only).
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What if my kids happen to drink an excessive amount of garden hose water on a given day, should I call the ambulance immediately?

Well, I'm no expert but I have experience with drinking garden hose water in my past as a kid. I wasn't ever rushed to the hospital, neither was any of my friends who also guzzled from the same tap as me. We were back playing after drinking the water, and many days after; I'm still alive and well. However, did it affect my liver, digestive tract, brain, etc.? Likely. The full capacity of the functioning of such organs could have been more extensive if I had not drunk from the hose, likely. But my doctor would always say that I was fine, and a healthy young man. Maybe I was just one of the luckier kids who wasn't affected by the dangers of drinking water from a gardening hose. We should always be careful with our kids.

My answer to the question in the title is to monitor your kids for any sicknesses or changes in behaviors. If you notice a difference in your child, call a doctor and explain to them that your kid drunk high volumes of water from a garden hose and you think it has affected their health, and you would like to have them checked asap.

How often should your kids go outdoors to play?

According to, in an article titled, How Much Time in Nature Does a Kid Really Need? , a Pediatric occupational therapist by the name of Angela Hanscom recommends 3 hours of outside free play for your kids. In this same article, a study reveals that "kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors".

Always take proper actions to strengthen your kids' health

As a father, while my now-grown son was in his younger years, I fed him Pediasure, which include many significant health benefits to help fight the possible health scares caused by drinking from garden hoses. Just take a look at the diagram below of all of the nutrition facts included in a bottle of Pediasure:


As you can see, there is an extensive list of nutrients a child intakes when drinking a bottle of Pediasure. Vitamin B strengthens the brain; Vitamin D and C is great for healthy digestion; vitamin D and E supports a stronger liver and Vitamin D and B promotes stronger kidneys. If your child intakes Pediasure daily, you can minimize the possibility of them experiencing sicknesses related to drinking water from a gardening hose, if they should do so.

Your kids can become ill in several ways if they drink tap water from a gardening hose outside. Because of the various chemical components used to make a gardening hose, your kids' liver, kidneys, brain, digestive tract, and prostate can become negatively affected. You may have turned out just fine after drinking contaminated water from a water hose growing up, but others have not, unfortunately. Your kids should fully understand the dangers of putting outside tap water streaming through a contaminated gardening hose into their precious bodies.

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