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How To Prevent Pregnancy: For Tweens, Teens, Women And Men

When I was young my parents didn't talk to me about sex, birth control or pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy can happen to anyone.

dont't wait to see-prevent

dont't wait to see-prevent

Be Prepared Even If You Don't Plan To Have Sex

When I was a teenager my parents didn't talk to me about sex, pregnancy or birth control.

I had a wise-religious-teacher who simply told me, it is better to wait, but if you won't, or can't, at least be smart enough to be safe and use some form of birth control. In that token I write this article--not to encourage early, rampant, irresponsible sexual behavior, but if you are going to do it, do it safely, healthy and responsibly. If you didn't plan to do it and you did it unprotected or used unreliable birth control here is what to do.

My first pregnancy was well into my adulthood. I was 25 yrs old, married, had been on depot vera for 4 yrs, and financially stable. It was planned, but it happened more quickly than expected. Later on, after deciding that I was done, I did have an unplanned pregnancy. I was not a one night stand-type- of woman, etc, etc. I was single, not planning to be sexually active and did not want more children. So I understand how this can happen to anyone.

I came to understand that women who plan to be sexually active, are not usually the ones that get pregnant, because they know all about sex, birth control, periodic cycles and are PREPARED! There is the key--having the knowledge to NOT get pregnant.

Many women are unprepared, or naive about their bodies, birth control and the periodic cycle. "Ignorance is bliss" they say but not when it results in unplanned pregnancy. For example, I thought I understood my periodic cycle: when asked at the doctors office, when my last period was? I always gave my last day, rather than the first day, which of course changes the ovulation and fertility days, and will mess you up completely, putting you at risk of pregnancy. I finally read more on the ovulation cycle, and found out that if you have irregular cycles it is hard to track and puts you at risk of pregnancy. I also know many grown women who have 4-5 kids already, are not wanting another pregnancy but have end-up pregnant. How? I realized that if the all-wise, experienced adults, who understand sex, ovulation and and birth control could have this happen, it is definitely likely to happen to teenagers and even tweens. Why tweens: children are developing at a much faster rate then we did in the old days and sexualized at an alarmingly young age.

For some, it is EXTREMELY EASY to make a baby, but it is not easy to raise a baby so unless you are ready to give yourself up completely to the care of a baby, stop reading; otherwise, read on...

Not only if your a woman, but men too. Be prepared! Become equally responsible and pro-active. Sex is a two person act.

Pregnancy Can be Prevented After Unprotected Sex

Can you prevent pregnancy after sex?

What if you had sex and you weren't planning on it, or you planned it: used a condom and it broke, fell off or whatever... you have doubts and fear.

The answer is YES! Yes! Yes! within 120 hours or 5 days.


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Emergency birth control or the morning after pill. You can buy it at most pharmacies without a prescription as long as you are over 18 years old. You have to ask the pharmacist. If you are not 18 you would need someone over 18 years old to buy it for you. It comes in one dose or two tablets that you need to take within 120 hours. The sooner you take it, the more effective it is so DON'T WAIT TO SEE IF YOU GOT PREGNANT! The cost will vary with insurance and you would need a prescription. Without insurance and no prescription it may cost around $45-$50. Is it worth paying $45 dollars for peace of mind. ABSOLUTELY! or pay thousands 9 months later? If you do not have the money, planned parenthood may have it free or at a lower cost and maybe available without a parent.

There may be controversy in using this method: whether the morning after pill is birth control or abortion?

The way I understand it, the emergency contraceptive pill works much like birth control preventing the embryo (a small mass of cells) from attaching to the uterus wall and developing into a baby with a body, arms, legs and heartbeat. In my view it is a good alternative to having a child before being willing and ready, or having an abortion by any other means.

Affordable and EFFECTIVE Birth Control

Many people have gotten pregnant using condoms: It is my opinion that although condoms are somewhat effective they are obviously not 100% effective. They are inexpensive and sometimes free but in my opinion too much risk! However,if you have nothing else. Use them.

Better yet! double protect yourself. What I suggest to fix this problem: USE a condom in conjunction with a VCF film or other pregnancy prevention creams. This is a team effort. The man wears the condom and the woman does the film, cream or foam. Both win!

The benefits: There is safety from STDs and greater efficacy in preventing pregnancy.

It doesn't affect the woman hormonally, doesn't require a prescription and it is inexpensive!! about $10/box.

Effective, Inexpensive, Non-Hormonal Birth Control Without Prescription.

double protection-inexpensive

double protection-inexpensive

double protection

double protection

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Parents need to step up, instead of preaching, teach self respect, safety, and love. They need to give solutions and assure their children that even if they mess up they will still love them and are there to help them.

Do you want to be the parent of a pregnant teen, tween?

Talking about birth control with your teenager even tweens can be a little awkward and embarrassing, but if you have teenagers it's a MUST whether it's a son or daughter. Am I saying get explicit and detailed about sex?? No!. Some of the job has already been done somewhere in health class sometime in middle school. It is important that your son/daughter understand your beliefs about it and that you ensure that they have a good understanding of what birth control is and how to get it or if they should or shouldn't be on it at all. In the least they will know that you are concerned about their safety and well-fare and that it doesn't have to be a scary thing and they are not alone.

Are you encouraging your teen to become sexually active or promiscuous, absolutely not. In fact, the best advice to give is the same my teacher gave me, It is better to wait until you are emotionally mature, hopefully in a stable, committed relationship, but if it happens before that, It's best to do the second best thing and that is to protect themselves. If you want to avoid the conversation just send them the link to this article.


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