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Strong Woman - A True Lady

A man should take a stand for his lady and support her. This society is sick and has stupid expectations from a good woman.


What does a real woman want or expect from her man?

Most men consider that a woman needs everything that she never had in her life before like money, power, luxury, and show off. So they overemphasize their hand for a woman. They promise too much and show excessively. They do everything to prevail upon her. They do it all to win her heart by words only. But, once they get her or achieve her feelings, they come down to the reality of being who they truly are and what actually they felt. And that’s the main reason why most men lose their women.

So, the first thing is very noteworthy, giving her importance to the frame of reality. Be genuine, pure, and raw in every small matter. Try not to mess about her pure feelings for you and don’t play around. Don’t promise the moon, stars, and deliver the stones to her in the end. She knows you are not Mrs. perfect. She easily realizes you can’t have everything that a man can have. A woman knows that you are flawed and imperfect. And more, she knows that you are not an angel, you don’t pretend for so long and you’ll be normal with the flow of time. She has seen too much sweetness in man behavior, the liars, the flirts, the players, or the double cheaters. So don’t even dare try to win the race as the most fascinating man. Show her what you actually are. Furthermore, tell her what you really feel. Not only that but don’t promise her anything that you can’t do for her. Break her heart with the truth it’s totally acceptable but doesn’t break her soul with beautiful lies.

Give her respect, yes respect more than compliments or fake praises, give her respect purely. She will accept all your commendations and smile at your compliments but blossom in your respect. Jewelry, expensive dresses, and flowers all are good to impress a woman. But giving her respect is the only way to make a place in her heart and make her your best friend. More than any desires or demands, she wants to be respected by her man. She wants to respect more than love because the feeling of love with respect makes her more special in the eyes of her love. Give her equality, the freedom to be herself for her whole life and act naturally in all matters.

Take a stand for your woman and support her. This society is extremely sick and has stupid expectations from a “good, complete, strong, and independent” woman. Try not to criticize her and don’t join society to question her. Join her in standing against them and fight for her accordingly. You are on her side and on her team as her supporter. You are against those who are against her and trying to make her impression bad in society. Make her feel supported and protected. Provide her an environment like family. Never speak ill or bad about your woman behind her back to maintain her good faith in you. Come on, be a strong man they will be reluctant to speak negative, ill, or bad about your lady. Everyone should know that you are not willing to take any shit about her.

Strong Woman - A True Lady

A strong lady only needs from his man that he...

"Love her, care for her, protect her, guide her, help her throughout. But please leave her free to maintain a strong belief in herself."

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Let her be her gentle self, don’t try to own her and destroy her personality. Don’t try to become her dad, be her companion for a lifetime, in tears and in laughter. Trust her with her choices and accept her decisions happily. Openly trust her with her privacy, and background, trust her with her judgments and accept her attitude towards everything. Until she breaks it, trust her purposelessly. Fill her heart with love, kindness, confidence, integrity, and compassion. Allow her to speak for herself confidently. Let her soul smile and shine in that trust and power you gave her. Your lady will glow differently and start shining for you...

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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