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Sponsoring A Child-Why it is A Good Idea


There are so many children around the world who live in extreme poverty. Their families can barely avoid housing and proper nutrition. Many of the children live in households with no electricity nor running water. Some live in villages across the world. The need is profound. It is a blessing to see world organizations reached out to help these innocent and poor children. You can also lend a help in hand by becoming a child sponsor. It takes very little money to help a child in need. The organization that help these children ask for a little as thirty to forty U.S dollars a month.

The money goes into a pool to help an entire community full of children living in these deplorable conditions as well as the child that is sponsored. The funds help with clothing, food and clean drinking water. It also helps the child in school as well as the family of the child that is struggling.

Today, we examine why it is a great idea to become a child sponsor. It like being a foster parent helping a child that is not your own blood. It is a caring and wonderful thing to do.

Why Sponsor A Child

There are many benefits in sponsoring a child. The number one benefit is to help a child in critical need. Once you become a sponsor you will receive pictures and letters from the child to keep you connected to how the child is benefiting from your kind sponsorship. These letters are uplifting and very rewarding.

I personally have done this in my past. The child was an amazing little girl who love life and toys. Unfortunately, she passed away. It broke me and the other person who helped to sponsor her heart. She was just eight years old. I learned a lot from the experience. It wasn't because she didn't receive funds we were sending her. Her death was due to a health condition she suffered from which we where unaware of.

During our sponsorship we received many personal letters and pictures of her progress. It made us feel good inside knowing we were not just helping her but other kids in her community. It is a rewarding experience to sponsor a child. You feel like a foster parent giving hope and love to a child in need. It is a awesome thing to do.

Becoming a Humanitarian

Helping a child who live in extreme poverty will make you a great humanitarian especially if you choose to sponsor multiple children around the world. These children will be forever grateful for your help in hand.

It takes a few dollars to change a child's life who live in extreme poverty. U.S currencies is far higher than African currency. If you elect to sponsor a child in Africa, that child will receive ten times the amount of money you pay to sponsor he or she.

You can even send gifts to these poor children. You can choose any location you want from Asia to Africa to Europe and India. There are so many locations to choose from.

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According to world health organization 70% of children that are sponsored have better graduation rates and live a regular adult life and is able to get a decent paying job. Why not be a humanitarian by helping children in need?


Sponsorship Organizations

There are a host of amazing organization that sponsor children such as child fund and save the children. These organizations has a long and prolific track record in helping needy children around the world. It has been more than thirty years that these two great organizations has helped children. They have delivered on their promises. These organizations have provided food and health care services to needy children.

In the section below, I will list more child sponsorship organizations as well as the ones talked about.

Let Yourself Become A foster Parent

Sponsoring a child can instantly change your life. It will brighten your mood and improve the way you look at poverty. Many organizations even allow you to visit the child that is sponsored if you choose to do this. You can become a shining light in that young girl or boy's life.

Their family will appreciate all of your efforts and so will these charitable organizations.

You can sponsor an infant and watch that child grow and thrive unto a healthy young adult. It is your choice to choose the age of the child you would like to sponsor.

The ball is in your court. These poor children are in need of your help. Don't let them down, become a child sponsor. You won't regret the experience.

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