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Should I Have Another?

What people think??

I think I was pregnant with my fourth when I was first asked, or rather, judged for my 'large family'. Perhaps it comes from a lack of understanding, or maybe even the idea that one knows best and therefore has a right to comment about another's family size. Whatever the reason may be, every time that it happens I feel as though I have been backed into a corner. With time, as well as experience with these situations, I am now at the point where I can just smile and move on without giving much thought to what was said, however, there are still times where it gets to me.

I remember this one time when I was out with five of my kids and an older gentlemen came up to me at a time when the kids were all having a moment. He looked at me and asked, "Don't you know what leads to that?" As much as I knew I should just let it go I just couldn't and I looked at him and said, "Yes! But you see, my husband and I figured we should stick to what we are good at!" I will tell you something, I do not think that gentlemen will every ask anyone that question again because he looked at me, mouth wide open, and walked away.

What I know...

Ladies, I don't know about you, but unfortunately these comments and questions are the first thing I think about when trying to decide whether or not to expand my family. Why?! Why are we letting people who either don't know us or, if they do, obviously do not understand, dictate how we live our lives and how we grow our families?

I don't know if we will have anymore children, but what I do know is this. I know that each one of those little blessings brings so much joy into my life that I do not know what I would do without them. I know that the same little dirty hands that make hand prints all over my walls and white kitchen cupboards have the tightest grip around my heart. I know that although the days sometimes feel oh so long, the years are flying by much faster than I like. I know that watching my husband become a father over and over again only makes me love him and appreciate him all the more.

God's greatness!

I am not saying that having a large family doesn't come with its hardship, but what I am saying is that if you feel called to and are able to have a large family, don't let those on the outside deter you from that. If you feel God is putting it on your heart to have more children, have them!

My husband and I always marvel at how great our God is. When we became pregnant with our first we lived in a small one bedroom basement suite with no plan or ability to even think about buying a house. During the time I was pregnant, everything fell into place and we were able to buy a home and move in a couple weeks before my oldest was born. His blessings continued with each child and He has proven time and time again that He will not leave us hanging.

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Should I have more??

"Should I have more?"

The answer to that question is, "it is up to you!"

There is so much relief and peace that comes with knowing that it doesn't matter! It does not matter what your family thinks or what people might say when you are in line at the grocery store. I doesn't matter that people might stare at your car as you drive in and start unloading all the little people. It doesn't even matter that the same little people that can be such angels can also throw the biggest scenes in public (trust me I have had my fair share of those to deal with!).

So the next time you ask yourself, "Should I have more?" ignore all those around you and just focus on what you and your husband feel is best for your family. If you are able to support and love on those little ones and feel called to have more, don't let the comments of some deter you from the wonderful blessings that are awaiting!

You do you because those who are going to talk are going to talk no matter what!

Little People!

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