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Short kids stories | The talking cave | Panchatantra tales retold

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Short kids stories are welcomed by many kids. Many children love to listen or read stories and short kids stories are well suited to the low attention spans of children. The talking cave is a short story for kids. This story, based on a Panchatantra tale is retold here. The Panchatantra tales were authored almost eighteen centuries ago believed to be by Vishnu Sharma.

The talking cave story shows how by keeping our wits about us and being alert, we can outwit even those physically bigger and stronger than us.

Lio Lion is hungry

Lio Lion was a huge and ferocious lion. But he was not too smart. One day Lio was very hungry. He had been searching for food all day long, but could not find any. "Where are all the forest animals?" he wondered.

As Lio was slowly walking along, he came across a little cave. He could see from outside some things kept inside the cave. He went close to the cave and peered in but there was no animal inside. "Some animal must be living here," he thought. "But right now there seems to be nobody here. I shall go in and wait inside. And when the animal that lives here comes, he shall be my dinner!"

And so Lio Lion went in and settled down in a corner of the cave, such that he could not be seen from outside.

Foxy talks to the cave

It was Foxy Fox who actually lived in that cave. Foxy was quite a clever little fox. Foxy had gone out looking for food. After a while Foxy came back home. As he neared the cave, suddenly Foxy stopped. The alert Foxy had seen something. There were a set of footprints going into the cave and none coming out. Moreover they were quite large footprints, not Foxy's little ones.

"Some huge animal must be inside," he thought. "Oh dear! What shall I do now. First of all I must confirm if there is indeed some animal inside."

"Hello there, cave. How have you been today. I am back," shouted out Foxy pretending to be talking to the cave.

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Lio Lion falls for the trick

Lio Lion heard him. He was quite surprised. "I didn't know that caves could talk," he wondered. But he was also quite excited. For he had just smelt his dinner.

"Hey cave, what's up. Why aren't you answering me today. You used to always welcome me home in the evening! If you don't talk to me I'll go away," cried Foxy.

Lio got a little worried. He didn't want to lose his dinner. "Maybe I had better talk back to this fox," he thought. Else he may go away and I certainly don't want to lose my dinner."

"Hello there, welcome back home," roared Lio in his best imitation of how he thought a cave would speak.

Foxy Fox is saved

Foxy heard this. His suspicion that there was a huge animal inside the cave was confirmed. Hearing the lion he turned around and ran away as fast as he could abandoning his cave. He had lost his house but his life was saved.

The talking cave - moral or message

Thus by being alert and keeping his wits about him, Foxy was able to survive.

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