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Shapes for kids | Teaching shapes with flashcards, activities, worksheets & videos

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Shapes for kids

Teaching shapes and colors to preschool kids is generally easy and fun! Shapes exist everywhere and with a little teaching and practice kids will be able to identify the shape of many a thing around them. You can teach kids about circles, rectangles, triangles and squares and perhaps ovals and stars.

Shapes for kids

Shapes for kids

Teaching shapes with flashcards

You can use flashcards to introduce shapes to kids. Flashcards can have the actual shape drawn on them. if you get flashcards in the actual shape itself i.e. as square, circle etc - you can use them to illustrate the shape. Of course you can draw the shapes on a blackboard or paper to show kids. You can show kids the flashcard, draw the shape on the blackboard and explain the features of each shape, (for example - a square has four equal sides and four corners, and so on).

Once kids have become familiar with the shapes you can do some activities with the flashcards

- Show the card and ask which shape it is i.e., name the shape

- Name a shape and ask children to pick out the correct card for it.

- Show a shape card and ask kids to pick up a matching one (you must have multiple cards for each shape of course for this)

Identifying the shapes of things around us

Once kids are familiar with the basic shapes, try to give many examples for each shape. For example a square table top, a square hand kerchief, a square tile, a square carom board, a rectangular box, a rectangular sheet of paper, a rectangular biscuit, a rectangular eraser, a triangular sandwich, a triangular bicycle seat, a circular clock, a circular coin, a circular lid etc. Point out to common objects and ask children which shape do they resemble. Engage kids in activities like asking them to locate (say) three square shaped objects in the room and so on.

Shape rhymes

Make up simple rhymes to help kids learn and remember shapes. For example:

There are four sides to me

And they're all the same

In me four corners see

Remember square is my name.

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Teaching shapes from books

Show children various pictures from picture books. Ask them to identify the shape of various things in the picture - for example the table top is a rectangle, the full moon looks like a circle and so on. Of course there are books available just to teach shapes also.

Activities to teach shapes

You can engage children in a lot of activities to teach shapes. These can be both physical activities as well as activities with flash cards or other materials. For example you can ask a group of children to stand in such a way that they form a square or circle etc. You can ask them to arrange marbles, balls etc in the form of various shapes. You can also have flashcards as shapes cutouts (i.e. cards actually as circles, squares etc) and ask children to use these shapes and make (say) a model house etc.

Using shapes worksheets to teach shapes for kids

There are many worksheets available to help reinforce shapes for kids. They could have paper activities like identifying a shape, matching shapes, naming the shape any object most resembles, coloring inside specific shapes, counting the number of each (type of) shape in a picture etc.

See the worksheets below for a sample of worksheets to learn shapes.

Shapes for kids - A worksheet to help kids learn shapes

Shapes for kids - A worksheet to help kids learn shapes

Teaching shapes - worksheet - shapes for kids

Teaching shapes - worksheet - shapes for kids

Preschool videos to teach preschool concepts

You can use preschool and kindergarten videos (easily available) as an interesting and fun way to help kids learn basic preschool and kindergarten concepts. There are a lot of educational videos for kids and they hold great appeal to young kids as watching animated videos is often better than just hearing about a concept. There are many such preschool videos like videos for learning the alphabet, numbers, colors etc.

You can see many educational videos for young kids here

See this video on shapes for kids

The lion and the mouse - kids story - video

Kindergarten resources

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peachy from Home Sweet Home on May 06, 2013:

great hub. I taught my kid about shapes when he was 3 years old.

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