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Sex and the British Teenager Teen Mothers and Teen Pregnancy Statistics

Teen Pregnancies Teenage Mothers and Sex in Britian - The Real Teenage Pregnancy Statistics

Sex within the UK poses a significant problem for those who remain under the legal age of 16 years old. Yet even adolescents under the age of 18 years old face significant problems of protective sexual intercourse. The UK faces a growing crisis as soaring amounts of adolescents continue to indulge in the physical activities of sexual intercourse. The associated problems of this sexual activity lead to issues of conception, underage child birth, abortions, and the spread of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). In addition STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) steadily rise within the young population of Britain.

The UK has the second highest rate of adolescent or teenager sex within the world, only falling short behind the USA as of 2014.

Teenage Pregnancy

Compared to the rest of the world the UK has staggering numbers of pregnant teenagers

Compared to the rest of the world the UK has staggering numbers of pregnant teenagers

Percent of adolescents who have had sex before the age of sixteen years

Boys Girls

  • 1964 14% 5%
  • 1974 31% 12%
  • 1991 28% 19%
  • 2001 30% 26%
  • 2008 34% 38%

Teenager sex in Britain in contrast to Europe

Britain (as a united data source from England, Wales and Scotland) shows alarming of the second highest rate of teenage conceptions in the western world. Questions should ultimately ask why has the UKs problems proliferated in contrast to other countries? With more than 7,000 girls under the age of 16 conceiving each year the issue needs both understanding as to the causes, as well as a successful implementation of preventative measure that extend beyond mere teenage contraception.

The UK currently sits behind countries including Croatia, Estonia, Cuba and the Czech Republic for levels concerning female sexual health including pregnancy, disease, and sexual abuse. The issues this raises for the prosperity of Britain’s younger generation seems alarming for such a supposed advanced society.

Sex Education and Teens

Television Media Film and Teenager Sex

Is sex education, or the lack of it, the main reason behind rising teenage sex in Britain? British culture exists within a framework of high control through governing powers in terms of television media, internet, and social media. Yet this control at first appears no greater or lesser than other EU states. Current BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) rules effectively censor all film as well as gaming media within British mainstream culture. It’s questionable then that this can impact teenager sex and pregnancy within Britain.

The role of the media in reducing teenager pregnancy

Special consideration should also note that British media remains identical to European media. However it’s even fair to say Europeans seem liberated beyond Britain in terms of broadcasting sexuality, as well as offering a more frank exposure to issues revolving around sex through educational systems. This also extend to the extensive use of social media as a platform for engaging with youngsters.

Teenager Sex education within British educational establishments

Government proposals in 2008 to drastically amend the sex education reforms within the British educational system have fallen into disrepute leading to the ultimate betrayal of the British children. Promises of making teenage sex education statutory by September 2014 with no opt out for any religion or group of British teenagers has been scrapped. However Ed Balls has dropped this rule and with no reform of sex education it seems even the Government feels this disgraceful issue needs no resolution having in effect condemned the youth of Britain to never-ending problems.

Teenagers Drinking

Can teenage drinking be a reason for the spread of STDs and unwanted teenage pregnancies?

Can teenage drinking be a reason for the spread of STDs and unwanted teenage pregnancies?

Drinking Culture as a cause as to why teenagers have sex?

Can the amount of underage pregnancies result from the drinking culture within British society? Teenage sex problems may however propagate from a transient work culture as workers move from location to location. Perhaps the state of social flux leads to a floating social population unable to cement firm social relationships with their peers. British drinking culture may lead to areas of social deprivation as well as shirking responsibilities or acceptable behaviour within young groups of children. The availability of alcohol combined with no parent sex education leads to the startling position Britain faces today.

The World Health Organisation and sex in teenagers in Britain

Figures released in 2008 through the WHO shows Britain had the worse underage sex problem in the World.

  • 4 out of 10 girls in England have underage sex. This figure shockingly reveals that England has a higher data count that any other European country.
  • English girls were followed by Welsh girls - 39 per cent of whom had underage sex.
  • Third highest was Scotland with 34.1 per cent of girls involved in teenage underage sex
  • Similarly the number of boys in Britain having underage sex is 34.9 per cent again higher than every other European. Although the Ukraine with 47.1 per cent remained the highest in 2008.

The Number of Teenage pregnancies in Britain

Figures release in 2005 from the British based Department for Children, Schools and Families revealed underage pregnancies rose by four per cent to 7,462 in 2005.

The problem beyond underage sex to adolescents under 18 years old

Further indictment of the sexual problems within Britain extends to the under 18s.The under 18 years of age conception rate for 2009 reveals figures of 38.3 conceptions per thousand women aged between15–17) is estimated to be the lowest rate since the early 1980s. However this fall represents 5.9 per cent drop compared with 40.7 conceptions per thousand women aged 15–17 in 2008.

Abortions as a result of teenager sex in Britain

The number of conceptions amongst women fewer than 18 years of age stood at:

  • 38,259 in 2009 compared with 41,361 in 2008, a residual decline of 7.5%
  • Nearly half (48.8%) of conceptions to women aged under 18 in 2009 led to a legal abortion
  • The number of conceptions to girls aged under 16 was 7,158 in 2009, compared with 7,586 in 2008 (a decrease of 5.6%)
  • Three-fifths (59.8%) of conceptions to girls aged fewer than 16 in 2009 led to a legal abortion

The effects of sex and STDs in teens and the explosion of Chlamydia

STIs remain more common among the younger generation than any other group partly due to the lack of appropriate education and positive social role models. Underage sex and STDs share a sad connection. Young people aged between 16 and 24 years represent 12% of the current population and they account for more than 50% of all new STIs diagnosed in the UK.

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Yet young people within Britain seem the least likely group to seek medical treatment when showing signs or symptoms of STIs. The cause pushes back to lack of educational awareness and poor parental advice. In 2008 the 16 to 24 year age-group accounted for:

  • 65% of new Chlamydia diagnoses
  • 55% of new genital warts diagnoses
  • 47% of new gonorrhoea diagnoses
  • 44% of new genital herpes diagnoses
  • 17% of new syphilis diagnoses (HPA, 2009a)

National Chlamydia Screening Programme

The National Chlamydia Screening Programme officially targets young men and women under 25 years old. The programme offers free testing, treatment and advice to young people infected with Chlamydia. A widespread public campaign aimed at youngest discovered shocking statistics in the period between 2005 and 2006.

  • 1 in every 10 of the young people screened were positive
  • Infection rates peaked at 16–19 years in women and 20–24 years in men (NCSP, 2006).

Just say no!

Relevant Sex Education is the way to inform teenagers - pass on knowledge and allow teens to make choices.

Relevant Sex Education is the way to inform teenagers - pass on knowledge and allow teens to make choices.

The End of Teenage Sex in Britian

Teaching teenage sex education from parents may not exist due to the “nanny-state” mentality of British citizens. The condition defers responsibility while seeking external forces to tell society what to do. If parents try to choose to teach sex education and it gets misconstrued could the parent face possible fear and prejudices from society and other parents? It’s always easier to defer responsibility in British culture to the state.

Celebrity culture with the additional to the attention of media into the private lives of media victims surely can’t remain the main cause for underage sex in Britain. The lack of educational support or Government reform ultimately causes the British children and their families to persistently suffer. It’s surprising how one unsuccessful society will stubbornly not copy ideas from a successful society. In this case learning from the Netherlands or Sweden will undoubtedly bring some much needed change into the lives of those young teenagers within Britain and limit the negative impact of teenager sex in Britain.

As retailers announce the end of sexual clothing for under 12s you have to wonder if the end of preteen sexuality is the cause?

A shock announcement in England has led to major retailers withdrawing sexy clothes for under 12 year olds. These items of clothing include thongs, padded bras, and derogatory and sexual provocative slogans including the playboy symbol. Two questions firstly, why did the retailers even consider selling this trash. Secondly what parent would even consider buying this type of clothing for their young children?

The "pornification" of young children provokes the totally incorrect message to any child growing up in any society throughout the world. Is it any wonder that teenage pregnancy in England is considered normal when children are exposed to such blatant sexualisation at the youngest age? Amongst the culprits are Argos, Debenhams, George at Asda, John Lewis, M&S, Next, Peacocks, Sainsbury's and Tesco. However both Primark, Bhs and Topshop chains have carried on selling these types of clothing for children.

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johndwilliams (author) from Essex England on May 18, 2011:

Hello Larry,

Thanks for your interesting feedback.

I agree with Sweden being a superior Nanny-State which is disconcerting for Swedes.

It does seem a moral decay has set into the mindsets of teenage pregnancy, it should well be located back to Mainstream media and a loss of intrinsic values

Larry Conners from Northern Arizona on May 17, 2011:

I have a problem believing the " nanny-state " mentality is largely responsible for the lack of parental responsibility when dealing with sex education... Sweden as a candidate for emulation overlooks the obvious that Sweden is perhaps the most dedicated " nanny-state " government in the world...Something else is at work here...Celebrity celebration of open and free sex, social acceptance of this behaviour, peer pressure, and parental responsibilities abrogated due to work, family dysfunction, or single-parent pressures...

The fact that 18 young girls, aged 14 and 15, in an affluent New England town, would conspire, as a group, to get pregnant, should tell us something about the mind-set of teenage girls in America and most likely, in Britain...High schools now offer daycare for teens with babies...the are looked upon as " mature " and " cool ", and are treated with respect...What has happened to outrage at this behaviour..? What has happened to shame..? All have disappeared under the tidal wave of sexual liberation championed by the media, government, and polite society...

Most of these teens probably don't know what this phenomenon is. but it is well understood and accepted by adults under the guise of moral relativism.

Thanks for this interesting and informative Hub...Voted up and useful..Larry

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