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Genealogical Records for Rose Bank and Other Cemeteries

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Inside Rosebank Cemetery in Mulberry, Kansas.

Inside Rosebank Cemetery in Mulberry, Kansas.

City of Mulberry Records are Useful

A HubPages reader, Betty Judy, is interested in the Rose Bank or Rosebank Cemetery in the City of Mulberry, Kansas. Many people join her in her interest in tracing history and family connections in the cemeteries of the US.

This graveyard is located on Section 1 of Township 29S, Range 25E, on the eastern border of the state.

The City of Mulberry provides a few excellent research links that could be helpful in tracing ancestors' buried at Rose Bank Cemetery. The following organizations are good locations to search for genealogical records of such burials in and near rose Bank Cemetery in Dickinson, Kansas; Mulberry; and Crawford County.

  • Buffalo Soldiers at
    Records of the war with the Native Americans from 1866 - 1916.
  • City of Mulberry - Mulberry, KS 66756 - (620) 764-3315
    Please call for a city street map, some business listings, and contact information for City Hall. A web site may become available.
  • Crawford County Genealogical Society; 308 N. Walnut, Pittsburg KS 66762.
  • Crawford County - Kansas State Historical Society
    Extensive holdings regarding Kansas history, including City of Mulberry.
  • Museum of Crawford County - Girard, KS
    This is different from the Crawford County Historical Museum.
  • Photo Gallery of Civil War Veterans' grave sites in Rose Bank Cemetery and Find-A-Grave listings for the cemetery.

Three Rose Bank Cemeteries

The first cemetery with the desired name is located just southeast of the Mulberry downtown district in Crawford County. For information, call Mulberry City Hall at (620) 764-3315.

The second such graveyard is located in Dickinson County near Interstate 70, northwest of the first burial ground. This site is also called Hope Cemetery.

The third cemetery with the same or very similar name is at the Rosebank Church. The cemetery in the groups of three with the most available information, it is located in an area between the towns of Hope and Ramona, which are 7.6 miles apart in a north-south direction.

Hope city cemetery records are now online at the Dickinson co website:

— City of Hope website

Survey of Hope Headstones

This church cemetery lies in Section 27 of Hope Township, about 3.5 miles south of the city of Hope at Rosebank Church.

Sheryl and Andrew McClure examined headstones in this particular cemetery during the early spring of 2004. They compiled and listed their extensive findings at Retrieved March 10, 2010. The information on each clearly readable headstone is contained on the page listed at the link.

Mr. Thane Plank and his son Justin Plank purchased and began renovating the Rosebank Church and cemetery grounds about AD 2011 and continued successfully for several years. They addressed water damage and other wear and tear. The church was first organized by the River Brethren when they arrived in the late 19th century. The current contact telephone number is 785-965-7174.

In the neighboring town of Ramona, two additional cemeteries are maintained. They include:

  • Lewis Cemetery
  • Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Records and photos from each of these graveyards are available at the Find-a-Grave website.

Kansas Burial Records at

Pages at include increasing numbers of burial records recorded online throughout the United States.

People held in Crawford County 's Rosebank Cemetery at Mulberry can be researched at this link. Newspaper obituaries are also offered from the 19th and 20th centuries.

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The people that offered the burial records mentioned above are:

  • Connie Fenimore at;
  • Jane Hoey at;
  • Karen Burdett at, and
  • RJ at

Ms. Carol Brooks seems to be the individual that has contributed the greatest number of records to the online database for Rosebank and this includes the records of 2,650 people at the most recent update.

Ms. Brooks notes that all cemetery records burned in the 1920s during a fire and that some burials therefore have no records. Some graves were left unmarked, but senior citizens have volunteered to walk through the cemetery and report to City Hall about graves in which they knew the buried individuals. It is quite a remarkable database, in view of the fire's destruction.

For additional records that might not yet be posted to the site, contact the Mulberry City Hall at phone number (620) 764-3315.

Additional burial and other records for Crawford County cemeteries and Mulberry residents in the 1800s might be found at:

  • Kansas Territorial Census for 1855;, membership required.
  • US Census of 1880

Burial Records Suggested via E-Podunk

At least 14 cemeteries lie in Crawford County, Kansas and it is possible that relatives and ancestors have been buried in a cemetery different from Rosebank or Rose Bank. In addition, Rosebank was formerly called Mulberry Cemetery, and possibly Crafton Cemetery before that, and may have been a Native American Burial Ground prior to that time. In fact, local Native American organizations might keep burial records from that time - notably Cherokee and Chippewa.

At least 27 cemeteries are within 10 miles of Rosebank and 4 are within 5 miles and these final 4 could be examined for records before going on the the remaining 22:

  1. Garden of Memories Cemetery in Crawford County
  2. Shirley Cemetery in Crawford County
  3. Smilie Cemetery, Crawford County
  4. Yale Cemetery in Barton County, Missouri

Check for each of these cemeteries and their online records.

Other places to check for records and human memories would be the local Arma City Library in Crawford County and the Mulberry Homecoming Festival held during changing dates, but often in springtime. Mulberry itself has fewer than 600 residents.

Additional genealogy information is located at "The Little Balkands of Southeast Kansas."

Morman Family History Centers in Kansas are operated to collect many surnames among cemeteries in the state. Call Mulberry City Hall to see if your family is included in one of them.

Additional Records and Databases

The Access Genealogy website maintains another database of transcribed burial records for Rosebank's graveyard.

Yet another site lists Civil War Veterans buried in Crawford County's Rosebank graveyard and is located KSGenWeb.

Additional genealogy sites collect pictures of headstones in the cemetery, including those of Civil War veterans, but these photos are available only to paying members of the websites. also collects headstone photos.


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  • Dingler, H. Past and Present Towns of Dickinson County Kansas; 1999.
  • Manzullo-Thomas, D. Restoring the Rosebank Church. The Search for Piety and Obedience; 2011. Retrieved September 4, 2018.
  • Online Searchable Death Indexes, Records & Obituaries: A directory of online death indexes listed by state. Includes some obituaries and cemetery burials.
  • NVSS - National Vital Statistics System Homepage
  • Returns From Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 1833-1916. NARA microfilm publication M744, 16 rolls. Records of U.S. Regular Army Mobile Units, 1821-1942, Record Group Number 391. National Archives, Washington D.C.

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