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Role Of A Mother In Child Development.

Role Of A Mother In Child Development.

A women's life undergoes a major change once her child is born. She has to focus a lot of attention on her baby. She has to be aware of the physical, cognitive and social develpoment of her child as well as it's adolescent development. A mother plays a vital role in the life of a child. She has to create a proper environment for her child that will have space for movement, play and creativity. A mother should know when her child can be trained to use the toilet, be able to eat meals, play alone etc. As a child grows and begins to crawl and walk around in a faltering manner he or she starts to pull down anything that is within his or her reach and as a mother a woman has to cope patiently with this phase of a child's development.

A child's behavioural development also needs to be closely observed by it's mother. By watching the child's expression, actions, listening to their voices, feelings one can easily notice the underlying purpose behind it. A mother always holds the tendency to compare her child with other kids may be siblings from the same house or children from the neighbourhood. Her comparisons may be favourable or even unfavourable. It can prove to be counterproductive or even harmful ex :- She is quick and fast in learning compared to her elder siblings is a favourable comment. But an example such as she just can't do what other kids of the same age do is an unfavourable comparision and can hurt the sentiments of the child.

A mother sometimes tries to draw her own childhood experiences and use that information in bringing up their own child. A mother sometimes tends to ignore genetic factors and considers her own child rearing as significant. As a parent a mother takes the credit on her own child rearing methods if the child is doing well and deny self attribution when the child becomes a failure. A mother becomes self protective by attributing the child's behaviour to environmental forces than genetics and also prevents herself from direct action to help the child.

Mothers should try to gain knowledge about child development and child rearing when the baby is born. This will help them to interact with the child in a positive way that will help in the child's proper development. As a mother she should have a clear perception about the child's temperament and the environment which are very important in the child's well being. A mother evaluates her own parenting behaviour and uses this insight during her own child rearing time. A mother's upbrining is influenced by her culture, family and generation to which she belonged. That era will be different thinking which were valued then may not be valued now. Expectations and demands of a child may be entirely different then and now. Mothers of different cultures have different expectations from their child. Some may exepect too much or too little from their child while others may have a mediocre expectation from their child.

The environment in which a child is brought up is of primary importance in a child's life. A suitable environment supports the proper development of the child. Hence, it is necessary to have a comfortable environment for the child.Children are basically temperamental and hence their preferance of environment also differs one child may prefer an active environment while another may prefer a peaceful and calm environment. Therefore, a mother has to understand her child's mindset and create an environment which they don't find boring nor distressing. When children are in their infant stage some may act difficult and react in a negative manner to it's environment, but a mother has to prepare herself well to deal with such situations.

A child's academic performance depends a lot on the encouragement, praise and moral support from his family than objective indicators as report cards. Children feel they are the cause of parental anger but not for parental happiness sadness or fear. Mothers also consider children as the cause of their hyper moods. Children overreact to their parents temperament. such misperceptions may damage the family life.There are women who are sensitive to the developmental task of theirr child and doesn't knows how to go about. A mother should have a thorough knowledge of the normal behaviour of a child and it's responses such as:-

A) Being aware of the child's goals and needs when he is in a problematic situation which she can have only by her closeness with the child.

B) A mother should be sensitive, understanding and use proper child rearing methods for the child's physical mental and intellectual development.

C) Her emotional intimacywith the child will help her to respond better to the cues of the child who has a problem.

D) She should provide opportunities to the child which are positive in nature and inclined to his pattern of thinking, behaviour and fixation of goals.

Thus, we have observed that a mother and child's relationship is a special bond as compared to the child's relationship with others in the family and it has been accepted since ages. Though a woman whether she is working or a homemaker she should acknowledge her role in bringing up her child and making him or her a good and intelligent human being.


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