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Recognise Real Fathers, Don't Be a Deadbeat Dad.


Celebrate Dad

“Donkey says the world is not levelled”

Hey there! You might be wondering to yourself what the meaning of the quote above is.

It’s a popular Jamaican saying translated to English which is simply saying “it’s not always a level playing field” or in modern day society, some people do not get the respect due to them.

In this case, I’m speaking in reference to Fathers. For far too long men have not been getting the respect due to them. Not all men are treated in such a way, but it’s time much more attention is given to the real father’s.

Therefore, it’s about time fathers spoke up about this issue. Bear in mind, this is not some kind of competition towards our caring and affectionate women. This is more about creating some kind of balance in society.


Identify the cause

We must find the root cause of such a problem as to why Fathers are not given the attention we’d give to Mom. If some people are going to view this as a tradition, then this is one we must elevate from.

I would be dishonest with myself to pretend I do not know some of the reasons why we fathers do not get the recognition we deserve.

This is a very touchy topic to discuss, we tend to go around it since family is of great importance and a father is needed. "Fatherhood." It should be debated.

Who are deadbeat Dads?

Some men are labelled “deadbeat Dad.” The deadbeat is a man who does not support his child the way he was expected to, he might be abusive to his kids or to his children’s mother.
Such a man can also be one who fails to keep up his duties in the family home where supplying food and paying the bills are his responsibility if he has a stay-at-home wife.


Word of advise

Fatherhood requires love!

All men must know this; boys and girls need a father figure no matter the circumstances.
Men should always aim to be the best parents they can be, drop the ego!

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“" Don't take the title of a man if you can’t handle the responsibility of being one”


Finding a balance

Creating a balance, we’d love to see more talk shows and TV-shows geared towards fatherhood. It would be a big step in the right direction, almost all radio talk shows and TV shows are women-oriented.

Can we have Dad Podcast, please? How about the next big show “It’s all about Dad”

I’m just throwing random ideas out there for a change to come. We as men should step up and live up to the expectations of our family.


The comparison

Mothers Day is widely celebrated than that of Fathers Day. We’ve all seen the comparison, and the truth is, it’s not a good look. In this age of social media we see it played out big time, mother’s day is all love, father’s day is a bit of love and mostly crucifixion.


Sharpen up your parenting skills

How not to be a Deadbeat

1. Reach out to your son or daughter.
2. Don’t be an absent Dad.
3. Show full support.
4. Be the best role model.
It’s not too late to learn how to be a loving, supportive father; there are so many ways of sharpening up the parenting skills. Many of us grew up watching comedies that were family-oriented. I can give two examples, “Family matters and Bill Cosby”

Such a TV show taught us strong family values, how a man should make the necessary sacrifice to keep his family together. Listen to his children; give the best advice where he can.

Make parenting fun

Do fun stuff with the kids

Play games everyone can enjoy and also learn from, how about a game of scrabble, twister with the family, Monopoly, chess, poker, video games, soccer & basketball.

Parenting is not easy. It's a lesson for life, there will always be bits and pieces to pick along the journey. I love the saying that goes "It takes a village to raise a child".

That is just the whole truth when it comes to parenting.

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