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If You have Kids Save Your Headphones From Damage

I've 4 nieces & an autistic nephew. My extended family is loaded with kids. One of my uncles has 14 children. So, I know how to handle kids.


Let's say you have bought stylish and expensive earphones or air pods or headphones from big brands like Apple, Sony, Bose, Oneplus, etc.

Then, any child: your nephew, niece, son, daughter, etc has somehow grabbed your device and started fidgeting with it. You take back your gadget only to find an earbud missing or a broken wire or some saliva or liquid in the tiny dots and holes.

How would you feel? Angry of course. You will be helpless at the same time. You can't hit that innocent child, can you? You will just have to bear the loss.

My four notorious nieces have enraged me several times. Whenever they grab my earphones, they separate the earbuds from them. God knows where they throw the severed pieces. Searching for the lost cushions becomes difficult and time-consuming owing to their small size.

As a result, listening to audio while the ear pads are missing spoils the experience and mood. Headphones will prick and itch on the ears. The plugs keep falling off due to a loose grip. How very discomforting!

The earphones of every person face the same risk. Therefore, I advise you to keep them out of children's reach.

Leave the children unsupervised, and see the wreck happen. Whether you had gone to drink some water or to the washroom, or any other chore, upon returning you will see the kids have already disfigured your device.

Your headphones are significant. It's an item of daily use at home, work, gym, and when you travel, walk, run, etc. Therefore, secure your handy little gadgets from kids.

Headphones without earbuds - Kids' doing.

Headphones without earbuds - Kids' doing.

It's Unhealthy

When baby Kendra, my friend's daughter, began to walk, the whole house became a plaything for her. Her curiosity was cute but dangerous. As she was too innocent, she would keep making mistakes.

One day, she walked to the bed and saw a pair of headphones. She reached for the object and chucked as she could easily lift it. She started pulling the wires and then chewed the ear chusions. Worse, she swallowed one of the chusions.

The incident had caused enough apprehension. Fortunately, the gulped earbud passed through her stools, but the story still scares everybody.

As we plug them into ears, earbuds carry germs. They can easily infect our beloved little ones. Besides, earphones get constant exposure to unhygienic places. You do not want your child to fall ill.

Examples: We keep them anywhere - in pockets, bags, and purses. Sometimes we give them to others to use it. So, it goes in their ears too.

Unaware playful children, put such devices in their mouth. Damage to the headphones is still bearable, but the health of the babies is extremely imperative. It's our duty to protect them.

Chewed by kids.

Chewed by kids.

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Beware - Kids Pull and Destroy

Don't approach or hold children while your earplugs are in your ears. Quickly, babies will grab your delicate headphones and pull them apart causing dysfunction or an irreparable damage. This has happened with me more than once. So beware.

Children's grip is strong. They hold objects fiercely. When they grab your headsets, don't snatch. Try to divert their attention and release the wires gently.

Two of many dysfunctional headphones - destroyed by kids.

Two of many dysfunctional headphones - destroyed by kids.

A common Situation at Other Houses

I fail to understand why kids remove the earbuds and what pleasure they derive from that. Maybe it is just a game for them.

What I have observed is they have a curiosity to explore the world. Therefore they conduct endless experiments. If only they knew more about the loss.

I have four nieces who are below three years old and a nephew, and all have detached the plugs on several occasions. I once asked my cousin to lend me her headphones; I was surprised to hear that her children had spoiled earpieces of all the members in the family. She too lives in a house with many children. Same issue at their house too.


  • Keep more than one pair:

Stock more than one pair of earpieces. One for indoors, another for outdoors. I store the one that I use for travelling or outdoor activities in a bag that cannot be accessed by the children.

  • Don't buy expensive headphones:

I have bought cheap headsets for the home use. I cannot shell out huge bucks on brands each time the children break the gadgets. I have reasoned with them, but that hasn't worked. They rip my earphones apart even when they thoroughly know how important the headphones are. I know I won't be able to stop them till they have grown mature, so when they break my stuff, it doesn't agonize me much knowing it wasn't an expensive piece.

  • Keep a stock of earbuds at home:

You can buy a bunch of ear-tips or ear-pads and keep them at home. I have purchased it too. When a cushion from the pair goes missing, I replace it with another from the stock. The same size fits all the headsets mostly. It relives a lot to find this measure work.

Earbuds I have purchased and stocked at home for replacement.

Earbuds I have purchased and stocked at home for replacement.

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Imran khan (author) from Mumbai on August 08, 2019:

Welcome. As they say 'child is the father of man'. Kids teach you tricks.

Larry Slawson from North Carolina on August 07, 2019:

Good tips! Thank you for sharing!

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