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Qualities of a Good Family Member


What are those qualities that will make you a good family member and make you acceptable at home?

As a member of the family, your parents and other members of the family has the right to expect of you certain ways of behaving which are acceptable to them.

1. Courtesy - You are expected to be courteous. Courtesy should be extended to all the members of the family. You should be polite at the table, sharing pleasant things with your family. You should be polite with your parents' or brothers' or sisters' visitors. Greet your parents in the morning when you wake up. Greet them also good night before going to bed. Keep smiling and soon you'll find that you'll always have a good day.

2.    Respect and Consideration for the members of the family

Respect the rights of others. Each member of the family has . rights. Respect each other's privacy.   Don't try to read your older brother's letter nor try to peep on your sister's diary.

Respect the elders and other older members of the family. Talk to them as often as you can so that they would feel they are loved and needed.

Consideration for others is also important. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Avoid talking too loud or playing noisily if somebody is sleeping or resting. Offer your help to your brother if he is too busy with his homework. Consider the needs and wants of other members of the family. If watching basketball games is your favorite TV pro­gram, ask other members of the family, if they want to watch it,too. Otherwise, be considerate enough to allow them to watch other TV programs of their choice.

3.    Loyalty

You owe loyalty to your family. This involves you keeping family secrets, refraining from criticizing your family to outsiders and from giving accounts of happenings that should be considered private. Matters pertaining to your family only should not be discussed even with your best friend.


4. Obedience

You should follow and obey family rules and parental requests and decisions. Respect and follow rules and regulations at home. They are made for your safety, health and welfare. Rules on the time or hour when you should be home, rules on participating in other activities outside school and other rules affecting the welfare of the family should be strictly followed.


5. Sense of Humor

Being cheerful makes you fun to be with. You should be willing to do your work with a smile and you will notice you'll be happy the whole day. Avoid teasing other younger children to avoid quarelling and unpleasant kinds of behavior. Try to be agreeable to all members of the family. You can try to make others laugh by having a good sense of humor. Don't pout, wear that smile and there will always be a cheerful, happy and light atmosphere at home.

6. Good Disposition

You should be able to control your emotions. Don't sulk. Try not to be angry about a slight mistake of other members of the family. Try to solve problems and conflicts by keeping your communication lines open. Find out what makes your parents happy or sad. Do more things that will make them happy. Avoid doing things that will make them sad.

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As you learn how to get along well with your brother, sister and parents they, in turn, will find you an acceptable member of the family. All you need is practice. Practice to become a likeable member of your family.


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