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Preparing Your Home for Your Baby’s Arrival

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Organizing Your Home For Your New Baby

Before your baby is born you must create your essential items for baby and Mom and purchase everything you need. Spend time gently preparing your other children for the baby so they understand the changes that will happen to their world. Work on increasing your children's independence skills and make sure they are doing simple tasks they are capable of. If you need to change your kid’s routines significantly give them plenty of time to become accustomed to them before the baby arrives.

  • Build up credits with friends and family so you feel more comfortable asking for help when the baby is born.
  • When people ask what you would like as a gift for the baby do not be afraid to suggest practical gifts that will make your life easier.
  • Create a simple bulk cooking schedule that fits into your weekly routine so you can build up a stash of meals a month of menu plans ready to go once the baby is born.

If have not taken a planned approach to family life before it is never too late to start. Keep it simple start small and focus on the basics.

Creating Daily Family Routines

Regular daily family life is full of repetitive and often boring chores. The most useful tip is to plan whatever you can so that when the unpredictable realities of family life arise they are much easier to cope with. Establishing routines are like a comfort blanket for kids they give them a sense of security. They let kids know what is coming up what is expected of them and when it is expected which helps to place boundaries around their big wide world. Routines do not have to incorporate every waking minute of the day but it is helpful if they cover the key activities that take place in daily life. For example, on school days there needs to be more specific routine to ensure no one is late while on weekends and during school holidays routines can act more as a fluid framework around which to organize your day. The best way to develop a routine for your family is to consider these key factors your children’s natural preferences and regular family activities. For example if your kids are early risers and this can often mean that you start your day at five am so instead of viewing this as a cross to bear use it to your advantage to kick start our daily routine. In families with young children giving yourself plenty of time to prepare the kids and everything else for school makes the mornings less stressful.

You can arrange your shopping list by food type

You can arrange your shopping list by food type

Try Online Shopping

The first time I shopped online it took me ages and I thought it was a very time-consuming process However its really only slow the first couple of times you do it after that it is a super efficient way to shop because all your previous orders are listed and you can quickly tick the items you wish to add to your trolley. The next time you shop you can buy in bulk because the goods are delivered to your door you can see exactly how much you are spending and either remove or add discretionary items so you stay within your budget slotting cleaning into your routine.

Shopping For Growing Families

Once you have created a menu plan not only will this make mealtime easier but the task of shopping for groceries has now been simplified. Shopping lists are the key to efficient shopping for your family. You can arrange your shopping list by food type making the task of finding the items you need when you are at the supermarket quicker and easier.

Finding Time To Play With The Family

Along with the joys of a large family come additional complexities such as finding time to play despite the increased workload and spending time with each child individually. One of the beautiful things about child's play is that it can be done almost anytime and with no resources or with an amazing array of objects. In the busy bustle of our day without some conscious effort, it can be easy for play to be overlooked. This is not only to the kid’s detriment but to parents as well. It is surprising how invigorated and happy it feel when you take even a short time out to play with the kids. It is possible to include play in our daily routines without too much difficulty which makes a huge difference to your relationship with the kids and your mood.

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Daily Life Can Turn Into Playful Fun

Morning SnackVacuumingLaundry

Have a picnic Outside. Let the children gather all the things needed.

Vacuuming the house can be a lot of fun if your children are not frightened of the vacuum cleaner.

The Kids can hide under the pile of clothes and play a quick Hide and Seek game.

If It is raining Have an indoor picnic. Ask the children to help prepare and clean up.

As the vacuum cleaner is making its way around the house it can go out of control and suck up little children. It may take me a bit longer to get the vacuuming done but it is fun.

Have a contest on who can throw the clothes in the washer the quickest. The winner gets a treat.

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How To Help Children Plan Ahead And Organize Time

External cues such as schedules and timers help children learn to organize their time. It is not a bad thing to introduce them to the idea of planning ahead. It is also helpful to include them in this planning allow them to negotiate and let them know that their voices carry some weight and that you respect their input, of course, your say will be the final one and it is never a good idea to cave to kids demands but working together to find mutually acceptable guidelines is a great skill. This is perfect practice cues can also be helpful in reminding kids when their time is nearing a close. Giving them a ten-minute warning allows them to wind down whatever they are working on online can be big and involved and sometimes it is very hard to walk away from a project that is almost competing. Here consistency is key. If their time is up and you do not want fights daily do not give them room argue as it teaches children that sometimes you give in and so they should fuss and argue on the off chance that this is one of those times. There are as many ways to monitor and plan online time as there are families. Use your best judgment but be willing to be flexible. You can use your kid’s online time to connect with them. Have them show you what they are working on or teach you something about the game or get your own account and play on another computer on the same server as them. Have fun sharing this time with them even just every now and then.

Jump On Unplanned Opportunities

There are times when your baby is asleep and the older kids are playing happily or doing something together. Take this opportunity to spend time chatting or playing with your preschooler on his own. Take advantage of everyone else being asleep and use that opportunity to play with him. Due to the age gap between eldest and youngest children organizing fun time for all our kids takes a bit of organization. Choosing activities for school holidays outings on weekends and what to watch on TV are just some of the challenges faced when deciding how to entertain all the age groups at the same time.

Families with more than one child are familiar with the dynamics and challenges of ensuring that everyone takes turns.

Like many other things in life gaming can be addictive. If children are showing signs that they are addicted to the game by all means limit their time and help them find ways to balance their lives.

Like many other things in life gaming can be addictive. If children are showing signs that they are addicted to the game by all means limit their time and help them find ways to balance their lives.

Lessen Screen Fun For Children

Chances are you already have some house rules in place. Families with more than one child are familiar with the dynamics and challenges of ensuring that everyone takes turns involving the entire family in making the routine will allow children to have some ownership whether there is a single child or many. However, it is important to know that children are more involved in technology nowadays and it is vital for parents to understand the concept of online gaming. Video gaming is about setting goals and meeting them and feels successful so your child wants to repeat that action. There are many jobs and activities in online gaming and it is eminently satisfying and inherently rewarding to complete them and suddenly the past fifteen minutes spent seems like nothing. The children are then eager to continue this intrinsic reward combined with the pride of finishing a game.

Start small and make sure your family budget cope with this

Start small and make sure your family budget cope with this

Children’s Pocket Money

My biggest tip for handing out pocket is to start small and make sure your family budget cope with this. Other families choose to give a much larger amount but expect their kids to manage their money and pay for extra items as well. Parenting a child is a dynamic task requiring constant adaptation modification and reality checks. As the kids grow older and become more experienced at spending money they will work out for themselves that these cheap plastic toys were not that great after all. They broke easily and many small parts were difficult to keep track of. Once they learn these kids will start putting more thought into their purchases.

All About Having A New Baby In Your Life

Build routines for your kids. They give kids stability and a base from which to grow their independence. Have a menu plan. Mealtime is a big part of family life. Streamline this task and you significantly reduce the stress levels every evening and free up more time. Plan time for yourself your kids your partner and most importantly plan time for fun! It is possible to achieve a level of organized chaos in family life. You can plan for the known repetitive tasks so you can better cope with whatever surprises your kids throw at you. It does not have to take the spontaneity out of life but planning.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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