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Overnight Wetting - The Story of My Night

My four year old is amazing in every way and it's not really a big deal to me that he isn't dry through the night, but it can be a dilemma for some. This is just my uneducated reflection on why it doesn't matter.

Happy Boy on Potty

Happy Boy on Potty

Overnight Wetness - The Dampness In The Night

My not-so-little Wallace is absolutely amazing. He has taught us to adapt, overcome, and be on our toes in so many ways. For years I always held my breath waiting for the next incident, dutifully hoping and praying he wouldn't get seriously hurt. This kid is a spitfire, in the best way imaginable. He tries to behave, listens when he can, and gets absolutely distracted from the door to the car or any other short distance. He is the cutest, people gravitate to him, and he is social with the perfect balance of healthy and dangerous. So why then, should it matter that he gets to wear pull-ups to bed? Yep folks, I said "gets" to wear them. Who wouldn't want to wear a favorite character underpants that allow us to stay in bed, even when nature calls? Some nights it sounds downright amazing. You know those nights, when I have convinced myself it's okay to stay out hours past bedtime to watch the fireworks, or just because we are having so much fun playing Pokemon with new friends. Those nights, I could slide right into a pull-up and save a few minutes of precious sleep. This is why I say "gets" to and I mean it. Back to the point...

We have tried lots of things to encourage and assist Wallace (not his real name, just a fun family nickname) with staying dry through the night. I won't go into specific details, because obviously they didn't work and I am not writing this to encourage you to help your little guys and gals stay dry over-night. I will talk about one though, the beeper. No that's not it's real name, I don't even know what the name is, but it beeps when it feels dampness, rousing the little guy to get up and use the potty. Totally genius, right? Not if the first time you use it your little one gets diarrhea and he is convinced that the beeper caused that to happen. Many nights of tears and rejection while Daddy showed him it's just a little noise and can't possibly make him sick, the beeper was on hold for months. Until one night, Wallace decided he wanted to try it again. Yippee, win for Daddy, right? Wrong. We woke up to beeping, that didn't wake Wallace, and it was a false alarm. It got wet from the sweat beading in the creases of his amazingly chubby legs. It never worked, just so there is no confusion, NEVER!!!

Moving on, we are a couple years into the madness and I have realized I don't care. He can wear pull-ups to slumber parties (though he will never be allowed to go to one) until he is 25 if that's how things go. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. He is happy, we are happy (though Daddy sometimes has a genius idea on how to help) and we all go to bed and night, then wake up the next morning to start our day. This is really all that counts. We have been through Cars, Paw Patrol, Sesame Street, and every other character that comes in the Costco discount pull-ups box and life continues. Wallace is still an amazing little boy who enjoys every minute of life. Right now he is at the neighbors house in his social cocoon that I don't quite understand, and it doesn't make any difference what he wears to bed at night. Just like in my previous article, it doesn't matter what you wear to the lake, no judgement, just satisfaction. Okay, maybe Daddy would be more satisfied if one of his tricks worked, but he is hanging in there too.

Here's the bottom line. There is nothing wrong with Wallace. Someday he will stay dry overnight and all of this will be forgotten. Well maybe not completely forgotten, I suspect there will be that frazzled mother or father who has been up multiple times at night trying to get their little person to use the potty and stay dry through the night and I can reflect back on our most unsuccessful, but totally un-meaningful time we also tried to make it work the way we wanted. Not that Wallace doesn't want to stay dry, but he also wants to sleep (just like his mommy) and sleep hard, uninterrupted sleep. I am going to let him. Don't tell anyone, just kidding, go ahead tell everyone. We, as parents, do the best we can and it is good enough. Keep it up mommies and daddies, you are rocking this. Even on the days you feel you are the worst, you are the best and our kids are amazing for our efforts. Love every minute of it and maybe throw on a pull-up and get a good night's sleep. Notice I didn't say who gets the pull-up. Your discretion, just don't post about it on social media. CHEERS to all the amazing parents out there, no matter what your capacity.

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Thesuze2 on September 24, 2018:

So glad to be past this point!

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