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Podcasts and New Book Series From Sesame Street For Our Little Ones

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Podcasts From Partnership With Headspace, Sesame Street and New Book Series From Sesame Street and Random House Children's Books

New podcasts and book series solves issues at bedtime

New podcasts and book series solves issues at bedtime

Bedtime Solutions With Innovative Podcasts and Book Series

Technology is continuously evolving for young children and now parents can add podcasts for little ones to their arsenal of tools for learning and life. Sesame Street is a go-to source for questions about how to solve life issues, and bedtime is a big issue for our little ones. Getting kids to wind down before going to sleep can be a challenge.

Sesame Street has teamed with Headspace, a world-renowned leader for teaching valuable techniques for meditation, and will launch its first podcast in a format based on its popular sleepcast for our little ones on June 13, 2021. 11 more episodes withh launch every Sunday through August 29.

Children will take a special trip to to the world of sleep with a story narrated by their favorite characters from Sesame Street and a special reader from Headspace's sleepcast. The stories are accompanied by quiet music and sounds.

Each episode of the Goodnight,World podcasts will help with bedtime routines that follow a typical pattern that all parents and children follow. All parents will relate to the challenge they face with their child's reluctance to go to bed. The routine begins with this reluctance. Favorite characters from Sesame Street have the same reluctance, and each podcast story teaches the skills needed to make the transition from wakefulness to sleep. Kids will learn the skill of "belly breathing" along with the characters and guided visualizations for inviting sleep. Each episode takes your child from their state of reluctance for bedtime to being ready for dreamland. The life skill of mindfulness is a skill that can be introduced to your young child with these creative podcasts.

These creative podcasts for the little ones will be available on all of your favorite podcast platforms beginning on June 13, 2021. You may visit

Meditate with Favorite Sesame Street Characters

Teaching the skills of mindfulness and meditation can be a valuable tool for children in the world that we are living in now. Sesame Street and Headspace have a new collaboration with Random House Children's Books to bring the popular series Sesame Street Monster Meditation videos into board book form for ages 2-5. Families may be familiar with the video Goodnight Body with Elmo that is available on Sesame Street's Youtube channel. Each new board book from Random House Children's Books will feature the favorite characters and themes from these fun videos. The first board book will launch on June 29, 2021. Sesame Street Monster Meditation: Being Patient with Cookie Monster is the first in the new board book series, and will continue with Sesame Street Monster Meditation: Getting Ready for Bed with Elmo on September 28, 2021.

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Bring These Innovative Podcasts Into Early Childhood Classrooms

Naptime in early childhood classrooms can be a challenge. Teachers who teach in childcare centers and early childhood classrooms will be delighted with these podcasts and board books that can help with transitioning children from activities to rest time.

Random House Children's Books has partnered with Sesame Street to adapt their new board book series with the favorite Sesame Street characters from the Sesame Street Monster Meditations video series. Young children will be introduced to the skill of mindfulness with each entertaining story.

Many teachers who teach in childcare centers and early childhood classrooms will want to add these board books for naptime to their classroom book collection. Teachers often read to children before settling down for a rest or nap, and these books are a perfect choice for this time of day. The first book Sesame Street Monster Meditation: Being Patient with Cookie Monster will be available on June 29, 2021 and continues with Sesame Street Monster Meditation:Getting Ready for Bed with Elmo on September 28, 2021.

*Listen to one of the podcasts with children while setting out mats and blankets.

*Play quiet music and practice the breathing skills along with favorite Sesame Street characters.

*Read a chosen board book from the new series from Random House Children's Books.

Bedtime Routines Made Easy With Sesame Street

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