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Piracetam To Help Autism Recovery Truth Or Myth

Mainstream doctors take autism as lifelong incurable condition. But many scientists, doctors and parents believe full recovery is possible.



Piracetam For Neurological Disorders

Piracetam is widely used in Ukraine for autism and related issues. You might not have heard about it as there is not much information available in English on this drug. This has very few or minor side effects as compared to other Autism and ADHD drugs like Ritalin, Prozac and Respiredone.

A scientist Corneliu Giurgea first synthesized this drug in 1964, as he wanted to develop something which can protect brain from various, toxic materials, shocks and injuries. Which can enhance memory and brain function. That drug also should not sedate and motor stimulate the brain, should have very minor or no side effects.

He was successful in doing so, soon after many others competitors followed him and developed similar drugs. In 1970 there were many researches conduct on this drug to check its effectiveness on neurological disorders. Today piracetam used as off-label drug in many neurological conditions.

Does it works for Autism? Its a million dollar question. Doctors in Ukraine thinks it works that's why its widely used there. President of Autism society in Ukraine conducted a small scale study to check piracetam effectiveness for autism. She noted that piracetam increase mental capabilities and improve attention span. She used piracetam for his autistic son and noted his social skills improved and he became less aggressive. She warned that in start of drug tantrums and aggressive behaviour can increase in start. But another researcher Stephan Fowkes said it only happen with very high doses of piracetam.

Side Effects:

More than 40 years of research has proved piracetam has either no or very minor side effects. Piracetam is one of the best selling nootropic drug these days, which enhance memory, brain power and concentration. Its generally well tolerated drug.

In UK you cannot buy this drug without prescription but you can import it from other countries as long as its for your personal use only and not for selling purpose.

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Use For Autistic Kids:

You can use this drug only after consulting to child doctor or health provider. As adults, students, and other business people does use it to enhance brain power but they are adult and can stop it if they feel any negative side effects and doesn't feel well on this drug. Autistic children are vulnerable and many couldn't tell what are they feeling hence no one should try any drug without consulting to child doctor unless its a natural product.


I am not a doctor or health care provider. Information given in this article is for knowledge only. Please consult a doctor before using this information.

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