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Father - Mother and Children

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Favor and Debt of Parents

We can never forget the sacrifice of parents and the debt of sacrifice. The relationship between parents and children is very beautiful and lovely. It is said that where there is no value for the love of the mother, even the affection of the father cannot be paid. The mother keeps her child safe under the lap, the same father protects his child from the sun, shade and rain like a rock. But in the modern era, children are forgetting their parents' sacrifices. Want to win the world by forgetting the rites given by him. Until tomorrow, parents who sacrifice everything for their children give them happiness, their wishes that their children will support them in old age. Today they don't appreciate him. They decorate their children's golden future only for their happiness and carry them forward so that they can live a happy life with happiness and laughter, but the sacrifice of the parents for the son does not matter to them. What happens when they get married when they grow up, is that they want to live in their own world where they don't want to keep their parents.

Not only, there are proverbs in front of us -

"What you sow will get"

"As you sow, so you shall reap"

I want to give a message to the every children through this poem. Must read and consider -

"Don't let go

Those moments

That can make you worthy.

Do not let go of your parents

Those favors to carry you forward

Everything is at stake

Do not let those feelings

Which keeps you alive all the time.

Do not let such a time

We cannot achieve what we live.

Where does the past come back

Why should we do something

that we think about

Later one has to regret it."



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