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Parents and Children: Eternal Bonds

Parents mean a lot to their children and, that inspired me to write this article talking about this beautiful and eternal love and bond

The relationship between parents and children

For a daughter, the father is the greatest hero of her entire life. She will love and admire her father at all times and, he will be a role model for her to follow in finding a life partner. A son will always see his mother like a queen. He will love you and protect you always. And she will be the role model he will follow in finding a life partner. The point is parents are the foundation of children. When we remember our infancy, we realize that. How many good times you had with your parents! We carry these memories with us forever. Somehow they are part of who we are. The scoldings and rules were boring and, after we grew up, we see that it was actually for our protection and well-being. And how many significant lessons did your parents teach you? The lessons we learned from our parents made us the adults we are today. Around the world, father and mother have different meanings. So in this article, I will use these two-term terms to refer to who is responsible for raising a child as a child may not have grown up with the birth parents.

Children see their parents as protection and great heroes.

Children see their parents as protection and great heroes.

What Is the Importance of This Bond?

The bond between parents and children is a strong one. This lays the foundation for the child's personality, life choices, and behavior in general.

Do not be just a parent. Befriend your child.

Children need guidance, security, attention, and a good friend throughout all life. But things change over the years, and over time, the adult responsible for guiding and caring for a child should be more than a mentor should be a friend too. There are different ways to care for a child and, I would say the best way is to be a parent and a friend. When you are friends with a child, they will tell you everything and see you as a refuge. Being a friend during childhood means playing, talking, giving affection, correcting, and educating. But as I said, as the years go by, situations change and during adolescence, being a friend means giving space and giving guidance. Everything is changing during adolescence. They are going from being a child to becoming a young person and then an adult. That means they need orientation, someone to talk about everything. But they also need their own space to find out who he is. Sometimes all it takes is to be a good listener, a good listener with a good movie. And during adulthood, a good friend and a good listener will be very important, in addition to good advice from a parent. Things change, but throughout life, a person will need a good friend. Parents are the best for that.

Think about it:

The closer the parents are to their children, the better. They will be able to help their children better when they have questions, which will ensure they do not turn to questionable sources for answers.

Help Your Child: Praise

Believe and praise your child. Nobody is good at everything. That is a lesson for life. Not everyone is good at math and, not everyone is good at languages. But we all have strengths. Some are fantastic at arts and others at math. The point is to value the Strong points of your child. What I mean is there is a high standardization today that tells us that a person must be good. Boys must be good at sports. Girls must like to wear pink. Everyone must be a genius and get the best grades in all subjects. That is not how things work. Not all kids like sports, some like books or computers. Not all girls like pink, some like blue or black and love sports. Are they wrong for that? What if a child is not good at a subject? Look beyond that. It is okay if a child is not good at Exact but is good at Humanities or the arts. Each has its spot to shine. Value the individuality of your child. We all make mistakes daily. And, We as adults feel bad when We make mistakes and sometimes feel like a failure. It is the same with children. They make mistakes and also feel like failures. That is why sincere praise is significant. That will make the child smile, but it will also help them see their true potential. So when your child does something good or when you doubt your ability, take a few minutes, hug him and tell him his strengths, let him see himself with your eyes, tell him what you think when you look at him. Qualities. What you like best and good times. Praise helps children to have good self-esteem. Good self-esteem in childhood helps a person become a confident adult.

research shows that praise is very important for a child's emotional development

research shows that praise is very important for a child's emotional development

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Think About It

Praising helps to strengthen a child's qualities and abilities, promote joy, strengthen bonds, promote self-confidence and security, helps ease the burden of hardship, and Helps the child fortify their identity.

Establish Communications

It is not always easy, but communicating with your child will be significant for a lifetime. When talking to your child, remember to be a good listener and listen to what he has to say, and when speaking, try to use kind words rather than harsh, strong words. Whenever scolding or calling attention to something wrong, stay calm and establish a dialogue. Try to make your child understand why you are scolding them. Parents look for an efficient way to educate their children. Let's face it. It is not efficient to say, "Do not do this because I am telling you." It may work, but there will always be that question "why?". But if you say something like, "Son, do not do this, it will hurt you, and I want to protect you." The child will remember that they should not do that because it will hurt and, their parents said. The child will have understood why you are saying no. Try to use the correct tone of voice in these cases as well. If you speak with anger, this will not be good. But a firm and loving tone of voice will help. And when it's time to talk, try to find out more about your child, ask questions, and listen to what they have to say about it.

talk is the key

talk is the key


Time will pass and, that is the only certainty we have. But the memories will forever be kept in our minds and hearts. Create good memories with your children. Every moment with them will be significant for their formation from child to adult. And when your child has their children, these are the examples they will follow to build new relationships with their children. Having a good relationship with your child will be part of that eternal bond between parents and children and, it is something that will never end. That is something unique that will last forever.

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