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Parents Pay Attention To This!!!

Adekunle Akinmade is a professional Sales Driven Copy Writer at Hammadex and obtained his Bachelor's degree at University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Parents Pay Attention To This!!!

  • What is Family?

• Family is the bedrock of every society.

• Family could also be a group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, or adoption who lived together. All such related persons are considered as members of one family.

Parenting: is the raising of a child by its parents.

The training of a child started from the type of words that passes through their ears in to the Heart.

  • Hear This Analysis:

When the two "Ears" are puts side by side - it forms the shape of the "Heart". Interestingly, the word "Ear" sits right in the middle of the word "Heart" (H - ear - t).

Meaning, the ear is the only organ that has a direct link to the Heart. Whatever passes through their ears goes straight in to the Heart

Therefore, as a parent you should be mindful of the type of words or knowledge or ideas you speak in to the ears of your children. Every single words you speaks to those children is like a seed in the heart of whoever that hears it.

  • It is often said that charity begins at home. It is not only charity that begins at home, infact anything and everything begins at home "good or bad". Discipline, productivity, responsibility etc all begins at home.

Parents Pay Attention To This!!!


Don't Shift Your Responsibility To Teachers.

It is not the duty of School Teachers to train our children the right way of life. The duties of School Teachers is just to teach the children Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economic, Principle of Accounting etc. Teachers only reinforce what the children have learned at home.

Family life is very important. There is a reason why God designed family life the way it is. The father has his own roles to play as far as raising a child is concern, so also the mother.

The reason why the level of "Crimes and Violence" in the society had failed to decline is because "there are too many untrained children" in the society. Don't you know that "Every Single Untrained Child Is A Terror To The Society"?

For instance, every armed robbers comes from a home, everyone disturbing the peace of society comes from a home. So also every champion who is affecting the society positively comes from a home.

Lack of Proper Mentorship Lead To Failures.

Most of the people that graduated in to failure in the society - their failure started from Lack of Proper Mentorship that should have come from the father and the mother.

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Their children were allowed to freelance their ideas about life and they began to picked ideas from all kinds of references.

As a potential leader or good parent, you are either an asset or a liability to the development of your children. The positive or negative outcome of every parenting depends on the ability of such parent to nurture his or her child the right way of life.

Dear parents, raise up leaders of tomorrow, raise up a generation that will stand firm with faith in Godly characters and not in wrong doctrine even in the face of all the ungodly things that spreads across the world.

Pay Attention To What Your Child Does On The Internet.


Advice To Parents.

The problem of this generation started from Lack of good parenting.

• Develop a right relationship with God so that you can influence or impact the best way of life into them also.

• Speak in to your child's life what you want him or her to be, Stop using negative words against them. Remember that there's power in your tongue.

• Teach them to pray.

• Becareful of what your child does on the internet, what they watch on Television and which books they are exposed to.

• Teach them to know what is right and what is wrong so that even when you are not there they will make the right decision.

• Stop having favourite among your children. Love them equally, even if there's one that you love more than the rest please don't show it to others.


• Does your child trust you?

• Do they confide in you or who do they talk to when they are in trouble?

• Do they talk to their friends or neighbors to seek for advice.

• Do they talk to you or do they ask God for help and directions? Think about this!

Thank you

Adekunle Akinmade

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