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Parenting The Guessing Game Edition

Christie is a wife, stay at home mom of two toddler boys and a grandma. She has a bachelors degree in English and a love for romance novels.

Parenting Is a Guessing Game!

Don’t believe me? Let’s think about it shall we. From the very moment we find out we are going to be parents, we are bombarded with advice about what we should do to be better parents but have you noticed how people can tell you such contradicting advice depending on who you ask (or don’t ask)? Be prepared because this can be very confusing for new parents. Possibly, even the most seasoned parent might be seen yelling at their “Aunt Susan” for her advice on colicky babies. There is a way to reflect on this bombardment that can keep you semi sane though. Let’s talk about guessing games!

Our Parents Guessed Wrong?


Everyone Knows Best

They do. They know best for their babies and at the time that they took a guess (whether educated or not) on a parenting decision. When I found out I was pregnant, I read plenty of books that told me things about parenting I found surprising. My parents did it quite differently. I have plenty of pictures and memories that depict the opposite of what a lot of parents do today. Also, some things that now aren’t considered safe.That was my first inkling that perhaps even the people that we think are the most knowledgeable on the subject are just guessing.
Parenting is hard so let’s not make it harder on ourselves or others. If you’re a new parent, take everyones advice and research actual studies (also very educated guesses Which you should follow above others). Then go ahead and make your own decisions as they fit your situation. If you’re a parent of multiples or older children try to convey to new parents how you might not have the answers that work best for them but these things worked for you. That distinction is important. Let the guessing games continue with love and care!


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