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Parenting Advice - A Futile Concept

I still fail to understand how people are ever ready to barge in to offer their so called "Parenting Advice".

Often people in my circle say that they are inundated with opinions and parenting advice from others. The advice they receive are taken so seriously that as parents, they themselves start judging their children. I sometimes hear them saying : "My child isn't well behaved" , "I don't want my child to accompany me while I visit my friends/relatives" , "People point at me because my child doesn't behave in public" , "I am not a good parent" , "My child is an introvert" , "My child isn't good at sports" , "My child isn't the top scorer" , "My child is short/thin/dark/overweight....." and so on.

Being a parent, consider these questions before you act:

*Who are the ones who opine about your child?

*How important are they in your/your child's life?

*How well do they know you as a parent?

*How well do they know your child?

*Why do you have to listen to them at all?

No one knows a Child better than the Parent. Instead of lending ears to other's advice, understand your child's needs and cater accordingly. Every child is unique and so is the parenting. There are no rules for parenting as such. What works for your child may not work for other children.

Isn't this true?

Isn't this true?

Tell your child that you are there for him/her. Guide the child in him/her to grow as a responsible human being. Your love, time, support and guidance is what the child needs. Your child is all yours. Nobody can care for them as you do. Motivate, appreciate, correct and do every possible thing to nurture the young soul.

Just do it!

Just do it!

And never forget to be proud of the Parent in you.

Being real rocks!

Being real rocks!

Happy Parenting!!!!!