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Opinion: Parental Academic Pressure


What is Parental academic pressure?

Parental academic pressure is an emotional and mental experience in which students suffer to achieve specific academic goals. Parents want their children to be the best of the best. This is one of the reasons why students are getting mentally stressed and worried.

Fear of Failure

Having parents who pressuring us to become top students is not good for mental and emotional health. Having parents who are always reminding us to study can lead us to have a fear of failure. If the grade isn’t the top one, we will be left with the feeling that we are just not good enough. We will be disappointed when we can't meet our parents' expectations.


According to Ms. Jenevieve Cordero, "Being pressured academically by parents is one of the reasons why I grew to be so competitive in class. When I get a grade below 90, I feel fear to show my card to them."


According to Ms. Rose Jean Llamos, "It's very hard; you're not studying for yourself, but you're studying to avoid disappointments. Being pressured academically means that grades do matter."

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We can see that there's no positive effects of putting pressure on your child. Yes, it's a great feeling when your child get higher grades, but you do not know what's behind that. You do not know if he or she get proper sleep every night. There's a possibility that he or she will sacrifice his or her sleep just to study.

Advice for Parents

1. Don't be too harsh about academic performance.

2. Don't compare your child from his or her peers.

3. Whatever grades he or she has, that's it. Be gracious enough to congratulate him or her.

4. Engage in conversation regularly.

5. Be a cheerleader in all aspects of your child's life.


Putting academic pressure on your children will only lead them to be worried, and when they fail to achieve your expectations, they will think that they are not good enough or will never be enough. So, let them enjoy their studies, and don't be too harsh about academic performance. Let them know that you care about them and appreciate them.

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