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21 Vintage Beautiful Female Names No One Remembers

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Beginning Note

So many names have been lost over time. So many names have simply lost popularity, slipped through the ranks, and disappeared. Hopefully this article is able to revive some names. Please let me know if I missed any names, or if you liked any in the comments section down below.

"A name represents identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance to its owner."

— Rachel Ingber



The name Ivara is a girl's name. The origin is German, meaning 'yew tree', or 'archer'.


The name means 'of the sea', or 'bitter'. In the Bible, Miriam was also the name of the sister of Moses and Aaron.


The name refers to a linden tree. Is most commonly used as a boy's name, but it just as charming as a girl's.



The name meaning is 'noble'. It's not actually a common name, instead has been reconstructed from the names Ada and Lyn.


This gorgeous gem of a name is of greek origin, means 'blissful', and is also closely associated with the Elysian Fields*.

*Elysian Fields- the mythological resting place of the blessed in Greek and Roman mythology


Means 'Star of the Sea', a truly beautiful name for your little girl if you live near or simply admire the ocean.



The literal definition of the word is 'A state of being lost in one's thoughts; a daydream'. But the name simply means 'daydream'. Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to call your wide eyed baby girl?


This name means 'beautiful eyes' or 'eye', and is of Hindi origin.


This name, takes after the flower, and means 'yellow' or 'golden flower'. Now is that something you want to name your little flower?

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The name Arden is a neutral name, of latin origin and means 'great forest', 'ardent', and 'the eagle valley'. Clearly this name is one destined for a brave and courageous little girl.


This regal name is destined for your little princess with meanings of 'high', 'regal', and 'exalted'.


This name means 'answer of god' or 'completely free'. What a cheerful and spiritual name for your little girl!



This means 'facing the sun' or 'wind from the east'.


'Grace' or 'God's bounty' are the meanings of this name!


The latin translation for this name means, 'Golden'. What a wonderful choice for your brave-hearted baby!



This name means 'Alluring Enchantress', but also relates to the mythical sirens who used to supposedly lure sailors to their deaths. This may not seem like the cheeriest option, but it sure is a gorgeous name!


This name means 'star', and is the name of one of the main characters in the best selling Princess Academy series.


This welsh origin, beautiful name means 'silver fair'. So, if you have a delicate little flower child, perhaps this is the name for you!



This old Hebrew name has many meanings, including 'ray', 'beam', 'strength', or even 'power'. Clearly the child to bear this name is yours.


This greek name means 'divine flower'. Such a beautiful name for what clearly will become a beautiful girl. And, let's not forget that anyone who has this name shares it with, that's right, Wonder Woman! Who wouldn't want this name?


In welsh, the name means 'strong, virtuous, and honorable'. However, in Irish, the name simply means, 'strong'. This name is a personal favorite, and is highly recommended.

"Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell, the name will carry."

— Bill Cosby

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