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Now for a Sip of “Peach Tree Tea”

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Corporal Punishment

had its beginning many eons ago. But not until the measure of punishing a child for erring the wrong way or punishing a grown man for stealing or breaking some other law when an item was given to the man of whatever house the tainted kid was living and then the child was severely-told to not move a muscle or yell out because the devil had to be beaten out of him. You would think that the Puritans started this sin and punishment carousel, but no proof was ever found. But what we do know is that from that time until now, when grown people resort to using small tree limbs or Oak sticks that were shaved-off and seasoned for the punishing of a rebellious child or lawbreaker on the loose.

I sugared the text above, but I can tell you from the research about Switching, was nothing more than a dangerous, life-threatening event that happened almost every day in the early colonies staked-out in Colonial America. Did I point out that the children took the butt of the switching on their legs or back area until blood was seen by the master to prove that the devil had bailed? I could have saved all of this useless wasting of time by simply reading Romans 3:23, admitting that the so-called “master” had sin in their life and their preacher who stood by ready and able to pray for them and then start life anew.

But no! Shoot no!

L'Exécution de la Punition_de Fouet by JeanBaptiste Debret

L'Exécution de la Punition_de Fouet by JeanBaptiste Debret

Switching involves a lot more than getting some normal, fun-loving kid and stand him up, and order him to not move whatsover! What about earthquakes? Huh? Masters, betcha never counted on this act of God and those huge floods taking life and property with it. Now I know that God is (the) living God and loves His children, but in the Old Testament, I have read with certain amazement about Him sending Pharaoh several aggravating, life-threatening plagues to open his eyes and allow Moses and Aaron to deliver the Israelites (God’s children) from Egypt and over to the wonderful land of Canaan. To me, and this is only my opinion, this was God’s form of “switching” on Pharoah to get him to do right.

I can speak from experience that switching can be a series of dreadful moments. The one accused is took to some place where the parent can do what a parent does (in 1940 through 1980) when a child acts up and then gets switched. Speaking only for the child, me, life and time both fall to a crawl leaving me sweating from the top of my head down my back to my feet. The times that my mom would go out to the edge of our backyard (where a peach tree was growing. Talk about ironic), select a good soft limb and then let me have it until I cried-out with pleas for her stop and I will not perform that sin or whatever it was that I did wrong. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t.

I did find out that even with a six-year-old a lad can find an easier way to do almost anything. I do remember this one time when I had gotten in trouble and my mom who did not put up with a lot of rule-breaking, told me in a sharp way, to get to the peach tree and bring her back a good limb so she could use it on me. At least she was honest. But I had a trick up my sleeve. I knew that a peach tree limb was soft and limber and would hurt, so I went for getting an older limb—that was rotting and almost ready to hit the ground, this way, I would still be switched, and act as if the limb was about to kill me, and that would be enough switching for my mom and me.

Friend of Adrian Peterson who is holding a stick from the tree where Peterson got a limb to use on his child.

Friend of Adrian Peterson who is holding a stick from the tree where Peterson got a limb to use on his child.

Not. She took one look and told me in a no uncertain manner that she wanted a good limb to use on me and if I tried bringing her one like I tried to con her with, she would have blood on the backs of my legs. This was the part where I began to look at God more seriously than I had ever looked at him before. I tried to pray. Now seeing that this was my first attempt in praying, so I was not a master of pleas to God. I remember saying, “Dear God, please let a horrible thunderstorm come up so I will be able to get into the house without the lightning striking . . .please help!”

No dice. I ended-up taking my mom a young, soft peach twig and she looked it over and before I could speak, she let me have it hot and heavy. No she did not bring the blood. It felt like it, but she showed me some mercy. My legs still burned with peach tree bark. I slowly walked out of our house and to the porch in the back and sat there for a long time and thought about all that had happened. And I realized that I might as well own up to whatever error I committed (in the future) and let the switching begin and stop. But I give my mom a lot of credit, because a short, petite woman had as much power in her left arm than most men.

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If you are sitting here reading about Switching and Corporal Punishment, you are like me, left with a lot of ideas and opinions. The number one is this: if our nation continues to electrocute or send a convict to the gas chamber, will these things help to put a damper on crime? My thinking is this: we are still sending convicts to The Maker and as you can tell by the CNN News Channel, crime is doing a booming business, so what do we do?

I can share (more) thinking about Switching. I do not think that they are comical. But I learned why parents chose to choose small, limber limbs from the Peach Tree in order to make a perfect limb. Peach Tree limbs when they are young, are very flexible and will not break so easily. This makes them so useful as the parent is disciplining a kid with a normal, mean spirit.

But by the same token, some of “these” so-called caring parents, so caught-up with keeping their kids in a pen, rather than a happy, respectful home, have went as far as to overdo the spanking or switching the honery child so much that we can fairly label these “parents” as Child Abusers. Face it. Abusers. Going beyond “that” line of reasonable, patient lines of Discipline, and in my younger days, I witnessed it. I was nine. I saw an adult brother-in-law whose anger was so fiery, he spanked his first baby girl for simply crying as babies do, she cried so much that she stopped breathing. I am stopping now because I do not want my anger to override my thinking.

The truth be known, “Mr. Discipline,” could be thought of in 1962 as a Child Abuser and should have been jailed for committing some form of crime as it pertained to the life of an infant baby. And all I can say is that a monster like this should face facts about the truth as seen in the Bible, (not his narrow-minded thoughts) and make things right here then face the cold truth when he and The Maker meet on that most of serious days.

Another humiliating source of corporal punishment.

Another humiliating source of corporal punishment.

In Closing_____________________________

switching, slapping, and over-spanking the butt of a child, can and will lead to the child having many emotional problems that will have to be dealt with by trained psychiatrists in order for the abused child to have a happy life. That is unless those deep, dark scars that are left on the inside of the abused child by some fool who was a bigger fool for calling him a husband or father, will always be there. Not necessarily seen, but you can bet that they will make their presence known.

And no matter if it's slapping, switching, hitting with an open or fist, or any other means of administering Corporal Punishment, and the parent or teacher punishes the child and somehow loses their temper and goes over that Dangerous Line of fair judgement, I can tell you from the heart . . .THIS IS WRONG and should be punished by Law and Our Court System.

February 28, 2020_______________________________________________

© 2020 Kenneth Avery


Anya Ali from Rabwah, Pakistan on March 01, 2020:

Good read!

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