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November 9th, 2020... A date of significance

This is to all the people that told me I ruined my life when I first got pregnant at 17. Today she's 19 and I'm traveling the world.


November 9th, 2020. A date of significance...

Both kids

Outside in the fresh air



Getting along

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Enjoying themselves


Living in the present

Unapologetically content

A simple and casual spur of the moment adventure

Today was more than likely just another ordinary walk in the park that probably held no real significance to either of my two teenagers, that actually became a delightful and unexpectedly pleasant experience during an otherwise typical day. We created such a special memory together so naturally and genuinely that we were all totally unaware of how cherished it would become. Today developed into a day that I wish I could have stand still or be able to keep safe in a heart shaped box and revisit whenever I wanted, but unfortunately time cannot be frozen. No matter what we do or what we want, days will unsympathetically pass us by and with more speed than we can expect or prepare for, and changes will occur even when we aren't ready or willing to accept them. Nevertheless, today will remain reminiscent to me and as a date on my calendar worth remembering and reflecting upon that signified the beauty, simplicity, innocence, and contentment which existed during an impromptu nature walk with the two I love the most, one warm and sunny November afternoon in 2020.

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