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Not Being Invited to Amanda's Party

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Bad News/Good News

"What is it?" Mommy asked.

"Amanda isn't inviting me to her Birthday Party!" I couldn't stop the tears.

Mommy held me and wiped my face with a tissue. She always had tissue in her pocket.

"When is the party?"

"It is on Saturday from one in the afternoon.."

"Oh you couldn't have gone anyway! We're going to town on Saturday. We're going to the museum and then do a little shopping, then have dinner."

"I didn't know that!" I said perking.

"I thought I told you..." she puzzled, then shrugged.

What Was Said

The next day at school, I was glowing like the sun and told everyone;

"I can't go to Amanda's Party, we're going to town!"

And gushed about the museum, shopping, a special meal.

Amanda was angry when she heard and barked; "You weren't invited anyway."

I made a big fake yawn and said, "Oh, I'm so upset," in a dull voice and yawned again.

Everyone laughed and Amanda was so angry she flushed and Brenda said; "Red is your color!" And everyone laughed again.

When I came home from school I told Mommy everything, but she didn't smile.

"Don't brag about it. Makes Amanda's party seem too important. Don't say anything else about it."

I always listened to Mommy cause she knows everything.

The days passed and on Saturday we went to the City. I had a great time.

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I memorized everything and couldn't wait to tell everyone when I reached school.

Being Quiet

On Monday morning Mommy said,

"Don't say anything. Let people question you. If they don't, keep it to yourself. You don't want people to think that it is the first time you went to the City. Just act like it was standard."


"This means, like... you don't go to school and boast about what you had for breakfast. It is no big deal. Don't act like going to the City is so new. Cause we went many times before."

I understood.


The Reaction

At school some kids asked me about the museum and I told them. I didn't talk boldly, just standard.

Many kids were talking about Amanda's party some making it sound boring, others who like me, weren't invited were talking about having a great time on Saturday.

I could tell they were hiding their feeling of being left out by making it seem that they didn't mind at all, when they minded a lot.

Rosie, one of my best friends, told me her mother said; "People have parties to Not invite other people to hurt their feelings."

When I got home I told Mommy what Rosie's mother said and she agreed.

"Amanda has her issues so needed to have this Party to prove how important she was. Guess she failed."

Life Lesson

For the rest of the year, no one made a big fuss about a party. If they were having one, they only told those they were inviting.

No one came to school to boast about any party.

Amanda stopped acting like Queen of the Class for she'd gotten a real slap down.

When I thought about it, what I think was the center, was when I said I couldn't go to her Party. She boasted that I wasn't invited and I yawned.

I learned that what may be a big deal to you might mean nothing to other people. And it makes you look very stupid.

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