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My Worst Childhood Memory

Anifar is an experienced freelancer and she would love to share some of her childhood memories that means a lot to her.

Have you ever had the worst memories in your life that make you cry or feel very sad when they linger in your mind? If you have ever had one or many of them, I know how it feels since I have experienced that too. So, cheer up since you are not the only one. They sometimes happen for a reason and you should learn to live with them positively.

childhood struggles

childhood struggles

My sad childhood story

My father was a great teacher and a breadwinner. We all loved and cherished him. He did everything for us alongside my mother doing farming to support him in taking care of the big family that they had. My father had two wives. My mother was his second wife and he loved her so much.

Life was not that easy having a step mum who hated my family so much. She did not wish anything good for us. We survived on our own without including her in our plans since she could not agree to anything my mother said.

As time went by, my father started suffering from high blood pressure something he hid from us. The only person who knew about his health issues was my elder sister, a second-born child to my stepmother. Nothing was either revealed to my two mothers since my father was afraid my mother would go back to her home because my father was not to stay for long before he died. This was a report from the doctor who treated him. He openly told him that he would not survive for so long since his health condition had become worse and there was nothing that could be done to save him. His heart had enlarged. This was the saddest part of it.

At the early age of 12, My father left us after he had taken me to a boarding school. That's where our lives shuttered. My mother was only a farmer and all the responsibility of taking care of four children herself weighed her down. My family was in a somber mood, especially us who had no father to help my mother take care of us.

After my father's burial ceremony, we went back to our normal lives but hurt deep inside knowing that we had no father at all. My elder siblings were all in secondary school and I was the only one who was still at the primary level. This was a heavy burden to my young mother who had been left by her husband. The loneliness she underwent was too much for her. Fending for her family became a problem but thanks to the almighty she was very hardworking.

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She embarked on serious farming of cash crops and sold the farm products just for us to go to school and have something to eat. Life was so tough for her since she was mocked by others and insulted that she could not take care of her children. Our enemies always prayed for our downfall but my mother was a great prayer and hardworking to an extent that we could not beg for anything.

Sometimes we were sent for school fees and stayed home for long. This made us sad but we had nothing to do but support my mother in what could help us go back to school. My elder sister also helped in paying part of the fees but she always demanded a payback not knowing that we had none. We had to cope with everything that came our way.

Our mother was our priority. We did not want to stress her more or make her feel overburdened. We became satisfied with whatever we had and life started taking another view. Unfortunately, my mum also started ailing after some time. This really made us worried.She was the only one that we had and the fear of losing another parent again crept into us.

We made all possible ways to help her with farm work for us to get something to eat. My elder siblings were almost completing their secondary school and this made my mother happy. She was grateful she did not let her family down.

My stepmother did not support us with anything even at our worst moments. She only laughed and gossiped about us with other people. We always prayed for grace and hoped that one day we would be somewhere great to disapprove her that even without our dear father, we could survive without her help. The only thing that she felt for us was envy and wished a terrible life for us.

My elder siblings did their final secondary school exams and they passed with flying colors. They joined universities and did their courses. They have now graduated and managing their businesses to help their families. I am the only one still doing my undergraduate course in Software Engineering. I highly aim for success and prosperity in my endeavors to disappoint the enemies who taught nothing good could come from us. All thanks and love to my beloved mother!

Wrap up

As much as your childhood memories may be heartbreaking, they really teach you a lot, especially about how to live your life and cope with some situations. Change what can be changed from your past experience and manage whatever you can not change for you to live a stress-free life.

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