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My Father Wrote a Letter to Me


My Dad Wrote a Letter To Me:

My dear elder daughter, Welcome to the adulthood. Today you are gonna mark 18 in your life, Now, you are an adult, who has the right to make decisions with freedom. I wish you only the best for you.

Today, I want to tell you my inside about you. About my feelings, when I saw you for the first time, What you have been to me in all these past years.

My Love, you are my big boy, my best friend, my movie mate. You are like a guider for me in touch situations. You are like a mother to me, whenever I become sick,or hard to deal. I never knew, that piquant infant will become my angel, my amour one day for the rest of my life.


When you were in your mother's womb I found, that it will be my daughter on earth. Everyone was saying that First born daughter always looks like the female version of her father I was super excited, I was wondering, that feelings are just unimaginable.

All the time, I was worrying about your courage, your efficiency, your horsemanship, our bond with each other, or how I will be a perfect father to you! Being a human, I couldn't be perfect but being a father, I wanted to do.

When you came in my hands for the very first time, it seemed miracle for me, it was all ethereal, magical . It was teary eyed, mumbled speech with tangled words, All I wanted a tight hug by you but you were just infant.

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Do you know what my favorite time used to be? When I used to come home from office after all tiring day and that just your one smile.....ahhh used to be my therapy. I used to take you on my chest to sleep. It gave me feeling of completeness. I sung lullabies, poems, so you would know my inner singer.

And now you turned 18 , it seems like a tomorrow. How amazing these years have been. And now soon that time will come, when one happy day, another man will become your superemintent in your life.

If I could write your destiny , fate , ways, I would surely write it like a fairy. But I do believe on Allah, also in you. I am optimistic, sanguine , confident for what you deserve and what you will get. You always have been a perfect daughter for me , always makes me proud in so many ways.

I just wants to give you some tricks to get better in life. Always be yourself , love yourself, be kind to yourself. If you love yourself unconditionally, then you can give love or attention to anything whether it is your profession or any relationship.

.Be loyal with everyone, do not expect anything from anyone. And last but not the least, Always prefer your God over anything/everything.

I Love you to the infinity my beautiful daughter❤️

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