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My daily life story (an Indian employed )and I m living India (purnea Bihar)


30th Dec 2020 A day in My life

My story is a little flimsy, so I feel that you must not listen to me at that time, I did not know that I was going to be done in my life, but the story remains ahead. My friend kept on sleeping throughout the day, crying and crying. But I did not tell anyone anything and one day I moved to the end of the house. 3 such things that you have fallen into your life, nothing can stop you from being successful in life. I live in this small city Purnia. The story is in the air, I can say anything mace horse in the 8th class, you were in the same way in the 8th class, I passed the security aga in the 8th class, I was not going to stop my story. I was ahead of class 9, I passed from Jai to Tayi, I asked 10 classes and at that time but the story is ahead but my friend