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Mother's Day Special Gift

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Mothers are Adorable.

In my life and experiences, I have felt the insurmountable love beyond measures of these God's special gift to the world. Mama, mum, mother, as they are call them, they are pillars that support families, communities, societies and the entire world. I dedicate to them this article as a voice that echoes a million times to announce to the world about their sacrifices put forth to raise children with love. In matters health, education, morals and protection, mothers put their lives on the line to warrant and insure their loved ones. They work tirelessly and even when they are not with us anymore, God has taken them away from us or they have other things to attend to, their absence is felt by everyone. Their legacy lives forever. The best gift to give to mama is love.

Mothers are Irreplaceable

Constant Love and Care

Children can go way too far in their character and behaviour, they can turn against their families, but mothers never stop loving the fruits of their womb. They pray for them and give up comfort in order to provide for their kids. They are a symbol of care and compassion, indisputable truth is their willingness to go out of their way for the sake of us. Mums are bonds that bring everybody together, searching for the lost sons and daughters and attending to their needs. They are on record to have lost their lives defending kids. What else can mother's love not overcome? They have a big heart, accommodate our wrongs and always ready to forgive.


In the face of discord and disagreement, mama shows up and everything is ok. Mothers do not only mediate but also carry the burden of disconnect in the family, working on building linkages between siblings and mending broken relationships between kids and their father, close relatives and other parties to their lives. They provide advice to their children even after they enter into marriage life. When you remember them and what they did while still with you, follow their footsteps and you can bring peace where there isn't. There is calmness and serenity to the soul when you stay with them. They encourage us to find a way for the best interest of all of us. Whenever they speak, our hardened hearts become soft and will lower ourselves, surrender our pride and throw ego through the window. We bow and there peace reigns again!

Risk Takers

Mums keeps going no matter how uncertain situations may be. They have little fear for the unknown. Carrying on with hope, making tough decisions sometimes to safeguard the welfare of those surrounding them. Regardless of what lies ahead and the prefailing circumstances such as illness, court cases, separation and financial crisis in the family, they can stand up to be counted. Though shaken inside, they put on a smiling face just to keep our hopes alive when things are not working.


All hails to single mothers wherever they are, despite the reasons that might have let to single-parenthood, raising kids alone is not easy. In families where mothers are sole providers, they will do absolutely everything possible to make ends meet and bring food to the table. Their strength lies in their love. Mums can sell their precious jewelry, property and other stuffs that mean alot to them to provide fees, clothing and other necessities for family. They do this even to their kids who are in their adult stages whenever they run back home for a helping hand. They will provide a shoulder to lean on. Mothers are adorable.

Spiritual leaders

They say that a family that prays together stays together. Mothers pray for good for the well-being of the family. They ensure their children grow up in spiritual way of life and arrange for family prayer meetings and devotion. They pray for you when you are out there in a difficult time. Perhaps you don't know, doors are of opportunities are opening, recovery from sickness and securing of jobs are all happening thanks to mama's prayers.

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Even as we mark Mother's Day every year,the best gift for mum is love. We cherish all mothers in the world. For those who left us, we believe they are watching over us. We honour their memories and leave that special place in our hearts for them. We celebrate you mums. You mean the world to us. Prayer warriors, defenders of justice and truth, we adore you.

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Lady Dazy from UK on May 09, 2021:

Lovely article, I enjoyed reading it.

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