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Mother's Day Can Be Every Day as Celebrated in This Charming Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Moms Are Special Every Day


Celebrate Mom Every Day With All of These Special Moments

Families always celebrate moms on the traditional Mother's Day that happens every May, but this adorable picture book and story features all of the daily special moments that children can celebrate their moms together with their moms. Moms are certainly with their children 24/7 and the illustrations and text tell the special activities that children participate in with their moms. Isabel Otter's I Love Mommy Every Day highlights days with moms and how much moms do for their children. Mother's Day can really be celebrated all year long.

Moms play games with their children. Moms keep their children safe. Moms help their children learn about the world. One of the special illustrations from I Love Mommy Every Day features Mom cooking with her child. Reading with Mom is also a very special activity. Alicia Mas contributed her talents as an illustrator with colorful and charming illustrations that feature all of the activities that children do with their moms. A special piece of each illustration is a cut-out design with a flower inside the cut-out and a special heart on the last page inside the cut-out to represent the love for moms. A special page to list the best things that your child loves about their mom is included.

I Love Mommy Every Day was published by Rodale Kids, a division of Random House Children's Books. It is recommended for ages 3-7 and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-30378-8.

Charming Colorful Illustrations Celebrate Moms


Activities to Enhance Reading and Celebrating Moms Every day

Fun activities with moms and their children are featured on each page of Isabel Otter's delightful picture book and story I Love Mommy Every Day. Young children will be engaged in observing each illustration and thinking about the activities that ehy do with their moms.

*Read I Love Mommy Every Day in your own story time session. Call attention to the first illustration of the picnic that Mom is having with her children. Set up your own picnic while reading.

*Call attention to the illustration that depicts Mom and her children sitting and observing things around them. Take your children outside with some binoculars and a magnifiying glass as depicted in the illustration. Moms help children learn about the world.

*Call attention to the illustration that depicts Mom camping with her children. You might be able to pitch a tent in your own backyard to camp with the family.

*Call attention to the illustration that depicts Mom cooking with her child. Provide an opportunity to cook with your child. Prepare a rebus recipe with words and pictures for your child to use when preparing a recipe to cook with Mom.

*Call attention to the illustration that depicts Mom reading with her little girl. Read with your child every day at a special time each day. Children will look forward to the reading time if they become accustomed to a routine that includes reading with mom.

*Call attention to the illustration that features a bulletin board with pictures that the child in the story has drawn for Mom. Provide drawing paper, markers, crayons, and a place to display pictures that your child draws for you as a mom.

*Provide special art materials for your child to create a Mother's Day card.

*Engage your child in a discussion to list three things that they love about Mom. Write these ideas on the page that is provided in this book for a special keep-sake. Date the page to show your child every year when Mother's Day comes around.

*Prepare a special dessert for Mom.

*Prepare an activity with index cards to use as "coupon". Engage children in writing ideas for special coupons that they can give to Mom for Mother's Day or any time during the week. Example: Coupon for 15 minutes of helping with the dishes.

Celebrating Mom Every Day

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