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Motherhood Chronicles: A Good Reason to Consider a Quiet Electric Kettle

Charlene is a mom of 3 (1-angel) and she loves to share her motherhood journey

"The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable."



We, mothers, have to be in peak condition of mind to deal with our munchkins and still look like a snack for our hubbies (Ha-ha ya I couldn’t even say that with a straight face) Look, this is a crazy time. Personally, I’m trying not to pull our hair out from being ‘bullied’ by my teenage drama queen and nine-year-old energiser bunny, so one cannot simply workout in ‘beast mode’ when dealing with little beasts. My hubby knows better than to haggle me about my spring roll tummy when I am 10 seconds away from pulling out a can of crazy.

Being a mother is no easy feat however try being a stay-at-home mom or, as is the case for most due to this pandemic, try being a work-from-home mom. The challenges, oh the challenges, it’s enough to make you become a binge wine drinker. We, mothers, have to wear so many hats that it can give us whiplash and many headaches. We have to be schoolteacher, chef, housekeeper, mediator, coach, personal trainer, and still have the energy for hubby. We need down time, peace, whenever it comes, and in whatever form.

“90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again.”


One of the most underrated and unnoticed gems are quiet electric kettles. Sounds strange and such a random thing to mention, right? Here are am talking about motherhood and whatnot, then out of the blue, I mention a kettle but hear me out:

I wake up early one morning to do normal motherly chores and as usual, I am a grumpy bear because I want to go back to sleep but then I notice the silence. I’m delighted as I realize, I can enjoy about an hour of ‘ME’ time before I wake the household BUT I need a coffee or my habitual green tea. Now, I am nervous because I am loving the silence however I need a hot drink. I break out in a sweat as I put the kettle on...the kettle starts bubbling noisily. I then start wrestling to turn it off before it starts whistling but I don’t make starts the piercing sound that sounds like a foghorn in the silence. I stand frozen and wait, filled with panic however after 5 minutes I exhale in relief when I still hear silence. I fill my cup, the aromatic liquid fills the air with goodness, I sigh in pleasure as I sit at my breakfast nook, and just as I take the first sip, I hear, “Mommy...what you doing?” Then closely followed by a different voice as I slosh my hot drink all over my lap, “Mommy, I’m hungry...”

Needless to say, after suffering a first-degree burn and frazzled nerves, my hubby took it upon himself to get a quiet electric kettle. Now I can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at any time of the night or early morning without waking the household. Don’t get me wrong I adore my family, but we all need recuperation sometimes, it is just so much harder when you are a mother. I am hardly ever left alone even me going to the toilet seems to announce to the kids, ‘hey mom is taking a poop so let’s have a family meeting!” My kiddies just hear me up and about, then they will come for me. I often give them a lecture about not being the boss of me but I’m pretty sure it holds no weight because I’m usually saying those words while doing exactly what they want( #sigh what can I say, I am a mom).

"Being a mom means kids banging on the bathroom door like SWAT, asking for a drink, while you're in the shower. And Dad is in the kitchen."

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This is why I value ways to make my life as a mom easier and less stressful so if buying a quiet kettle will get me room to breathe then that is what I will do. It buys me an hour before the day properly begins and some alone time with hubby at night as we share a cuppa. Yes, I know it may sound strange, crazy, or even ridiculous. I mean, how can a kettle do anything? But that isn’t the point here, it is what works for me. You may have your own coping mechanism; this is one of mine:)

© 2020 Charlene Gallant


Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on November 22, 2020:

Thank you for reading, Benazir.

Benazir Marjan from Dhaka on November 19, 2020:

It's encouraging dear. Thanks for sharing.

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on November 16, 2020:

Thank you Pamela...yes one must never forget to appreciate the little things too

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on November 16, 2020:

Sometimes it is the little things that make our life better or so it seems. I enjoyed your story of the quiet kettle but sorry you had to get burned to get it. I hope things continue to get better, Charlene.

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