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Mother of My


The mother's mind is a piece of her every child's care.
She is a mother and she has lost her true blood in it.
Whether the mother is poor or rich, the source of her love flowed endlessly

Whether the child is healthy or handsome or lame

Deaf Bobdu, his mind is like a blossoming rose

The warmth of the mother's feelings of the child's life

Is an invaluable asset.
There is a strange Sanjeev in the eyes of the mother bursting from the ami of Vhalap.
The hope of mother despair

Is and is the inspiration of Nasipas.
Truly, it is the best pilgrimage in the world, heaven is situated at the feet of the mother!
The life of a child deprived of motherly love remains an imperfection that can never be fulfilled.
That is why the poet Premanand has rightly said, “Without a circle

Molo Kansar, a golden world without a mother. ”
Without mother

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The condition of the offspring is pitiable.
It is said that,“The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. ”

It is better to teach the child by tying a bandage on the stomach

The mother has suffered a lot in the pursuit of her job.
Even if the mother gets hatred from her children in old age, even if she gets insults instead of Sahara, her haiyu is still shouting "Khamma Mara Lal".
That is why it is said that "a son becomes a bad character but a mother does not become a bad character."
Kavishree Baheramji borrows from Malabari Mata, saying, "Arpi duun so janm evun tuj lehenu" for a mother who is always revered.

The mother is at the helm of the child's life. Abandonment, Vatsalya is the priceless and unique capital of a sweet life.

His mother's contribution to shaping the lives of every great man in the world has been unique and invaluable. It's baby is inspiring. That's why Napoleon told her, "One mother needs a hundred teachers." Has said. Mother offspring shapes character. A strong people of character can shape the society and the nation.

Meenaldevi planted nationalism in Siddharth and Jijabai in Shivaji. Like Putalibai, Gandhiji inherited the sacrament.

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